Paper Dosa – Dhs 12, Amba – Ghusais, Dubai

Paper Dosa – Dhs 12

Some days I just wake up early morning to have a nice breakfast. This time I chose to visit Amba. I think they make the best Dosas in Dubai. I ordered Paper Dosa, little did i know it would be so long that no one could sit next to me with their breakfast order. The dosa came crisp specially since i asked them to make it Kadak! You can try any of their Dosas and can never get tired of it.

Paper Dosa – an A2 size
Dosa Tunnel – Crisp and Pure
Dippers – Sambar and Chutney

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  1. Opposite to Grand Hotel you will find sunrise supermarket. It's a part of that building located on the side. Yeah big enough that you can hide inside it :p and I thought you said why buy a Dosa when you can make from home :p

  2. Hehe…yeah I know I said that…but I always order a dosa when I have breakfast out and so does my husband ..he is a big fan of dosa. 🙂 Strange that I haven't seen this place…i live right behind Dubai Grand Hotel…will surely try it !

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