Free Kids Scoop Sundae at Baskin Robins!

Bill to a free Kids scoop sundae at Baskins

Yesterday when I ordered a brownie al mode sundae from Baskins, the bill told me something interesting. Just fill in a survey at and get a free kids scoop sundae! I just filled one and collected one for free today. So it is genuine ‘no clauses’. It seems like you could buy any icecream from Baskin Robins and any bill comes with a survey code wita free Kids scoop sundae. 

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  1. I had been there yesterday and was expecting to fill some survey and get a free sundae…and when i dint get it came home and checked your blog and realized that I needed to check the bill for the offer!! Missed opportunity 🙁

  2. damn! Not sure for how many more days would it run. They are supposed to highlight the survey code on your bill and tell you about it. Do ask them before you buy in this case.

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