Murgh Tikka Masala – Dhs 37, Gazebo Rashidiya

Murgh Tikka masala – Dhs 37
Ahh Gazebo one of my favorite indian restaurants. They make some of the best kababs (charcoal Grill se). One of my standard order is the chicken tikka masala. Love the chicken and the curry in it. My favorite roti along with it would be Pudina(dhs 6) else normally i go for the wheat parata(dhs 3). Gazebo is located in a few places like burdubai, Deira city center but the best tasting branch will be the rashidiya. You need it have it from there. For example this Murgh tikka masala if you order from burdubai branch it’s very different including the color of the curry. It’s weird but that’s how they are. So eat from Rashidiya branch if you really want that taste in your mouth. 

Zaitooni Salad – Dhs 15
 My favourite salad here – they call it Zaitooni salad.
Zaitooni salad – A salad made out of olives, paneer, mushrooms in a yoghurt based dressing. 

Butter Nan – Dhs 5
Pudnia Roti – Dhs 6

Khasta Roti – Dhs 5

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