On vacation – busy eating

Brown spider – Rs 75(Dhs 5) `
Falooda – Rs 75(Dhs 5)
 Sorry all for the late info but I’ve been in India since August and should be back in Dubai by mid September. Lot of eating to do here. Tons of wedding and treats. Thought I’d share some pictures of what i’ve been enjoyin here. These signature icecreams would cost me Dhs 35 at haagen daz but I just pay Dhs 5 in india :). Ofcourse quality of these ice creams might not be as good as those foreign brands but it’s surely lovely looking and super tasty. Signature ice creams are all about loading ice creams with fruits, dry fruits, semia, different colored sauces. Enjoy the snaps.

A clear view of dry fruits and fruits

Falooda Rs 100(Dhs 6)

Fruit Salad – Rs 50(Dhs 3)

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