Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor, Melia hotel BurDubai

Unveiling of their new Signature menu
Thanks to my blog I finally got to meet Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor at Signature Restaurant located in Melia hotel, BurDubai. It was an event held on the launch of their new menu. We were welcomed by the Indian traditions at the door. Items that night can be categorized into 2 types. VIP and Ordinary.
VIP – Those items that were like celebrities. They make a grand entry and as soon as they are out you see a whole bunch of crowd surrounding it. If you came in late they were already gone. Items would be those coming from the charcoal grills. Tandoori Balchao Prawn was my favourite in here which came thick, King size and juicy. 
Ordinary –  Those items that were like a common man where you find in abundance around you and nobody was concerned about them getting over. Items would be like Dahi Wada, Dhokla, Punjabi Samosa ..etc.
All their desserts were interesting and you could enjoy each one of them. Signature Triology shots was new to me and was a little different and the phirnee was lovely.  Below are those few items for your eyes. Sorry I didn’t get any pricing this time from their menu. I hope I got the names correct.
Myself and Sanjeev Kapoor

Curry leaf Kokum Ras

Kurkuri Moong nimboo wali
Khandvi and Khaman Tomato Dhokla

Paneer Panch Pooran

Imli Glaze Punjabi Samosa

Hare Mutter Pyaz Ki Kachori
Theekhey Phalon Ki Chaat and Dahi Wada

Teekhey Aloo, Baby corn fritters, Elaichi Dana Dal Galouti

Tandoori Balchao Prawns

Chicken Tiley Wala
Gulab Jamun

Signature Triology Shots and Phirnee
Toilets were even more better looking!

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  1. Those are beautiful photographs, Rubeen! The tandoori balchao prawns was also my favorite – they were just spiced right and cooked to perfection. The trilogy shots were mini faloodas 🙂

  2. Thank you Nadia. Did notice you taking some shoots share it with all of us.I remember this scene where I finally get to see that tray loaded with tandoori balchao prawns and it was moving at high speeds on my side. Me with all delight jump on the server asking him for one…and he goes like…"sorry sir, It's for Chef(Sajeev Kapoor)" :pI thought Faloodas would have ice creams in it .

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