Jewel Afternoon Tea – Desert Palm Per Aquum – AED 145

Polo Match at Desert Palm Per Aquum

The Jewel Afternoon tea hosed by Desert Palm Per Aquum resort is one of a kind. There might be many afternoon teas around in Dubai but nothing like an experience you get here while have your afternoon tea. Enjoy the spirit of the horses, the Polo Matches while you bite on those French pastries, elegant finger sandwiches or the finest tea during your afternoon tea hours at Desert Palm Per Aquum. The Jewel Afternoon tea is priced at AED 145 per person and is between 04:00pm and 06:00pm everyday. By the way, the Jewel afternoon tea only happens during the cold season for the comfort of the horses.

The wide green fields at Desert Palm Per Aquum
view from our seats at AFternoon tea at Desert Palm Per Aquum

You are seated right in front of the green fields at a height where you have a complete view of the wide Polo field. The weather is very cold here at this time and you are better off wearing a sweater or jacket. Even though the sun was facing us, it’s the cold winds that will give you a tough time if you don’t have something warm on you. Somehow this place is colder than the city.

Afternoon Tea has just arrived
Warm scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream
You only have to choose your drinks otherwise everything in the afternoon tea menu is getting freshly prepared and coming to you on your table while you enjoy the Polo Match.
There are five types of Assorted Mini French Pastries
  • Pistachio and almond cake
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Raspberry Tartlet
  • Mocha Opera
  • Chocolate cremeux and hazelnut crisp
  • Warm Scones with strawberry Jam and Clotted cream

Out of which I have to mention the Pistachio Almond Cake and Chocolate creameux hazelnut crips were my favourites. The warm scones were just perfect in taste and was light in sweetness. Spread the clotted cream and jam inside the soft warm scones and nothing like it.

Different Assorted Finger Sandwiches
  • Coronation chicken salad on mini brioche bread
  • Open faced roasted cherry tomato and buffalo mazarella on crisp baguette
  • Smoked Salmon and green team cream cheese on whole wheat loaf
  • Turkey ham and cheese with grany mustard on white bread

I was in complete love with the first one in the list which was the chicken salad inside the mini brioche. It was just mouth watering that I wanted to have one more. But it seems like getting an additional one is a little difficult as they prepare them in limited quantities.

Polo Match at Desert Palm Per Aquum
Polo Match at Desert Palm Per Aquum
Polo Match at Desert Palm Per Aquum

The Polo match was happening between many teams and they don’t necessary need to be playing till end of afternoon tea hour.  They probably could end by 05:30pm or earlier. You see different batch of teams coming and going. Audience at the afternoon tea were all calm and quiet enjoying their afternoon tea while watching the Polo match.

Jewel Afternoon tea – Mocktails
Jewel Afternoon tea – Cappuccino

For drinks, they had a dedicated menu just for tea. I am used to karak chai and surprisingly they managed to make a good one even though there wasn’t any milk tea in the menu. You have also have the option to pick any of the mocktails incase you don’t feel like having a hot drink. The so called Elephant walk cocktail(orange color in the above picture) is a must try if you were to pick a mocktail, Mango juice laced with passion fruits & peach, topped with lemonade.

Overall you are going to love the experience here. The 2 hours will pass by quickly with some good company. Make sure you call and book them 24 hours in advance as they need to prepare for you. To know more about the Jewel afternoon tea click here. Click pictures to see them in full screen view:


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