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Breakfast Logma, BOXPARK Dubai

Weekend mornings are always exciting for us as we always tend to eat out for breakfast. This time we had a wonderful breakfast at Logma, accompanied by lovely weather and family there was no better place to be this morning. Logma has been one of the restaurants who has made it big in a short time and interesting that their food is simple. Their dishes are actually are a reflection of Dubai’s famous local food. Thanks to Logma we still can cherish those authentic dishes of Dubai which almost got forgotten in the midst of overwhelming cuisines found in Dubai today.

Logma BoxPark – Interiors
Typical setting of Logma table

The restaurant was decently crowded for a weekday. I am sure getting a table on a weekend could be tough here.  Although we were here previously for lunch, it was our first time for breakfast. Click here to read our lunch experience at Logma.

Passion of Arabia Mocktail (AED 34) and Logma shake (dates, banana and honey AED 32)
KARAK tea – AED 12

For the drinks, I was a little confused if I should try their biscuit shake or the Logma shake. Eventually I couldn’t stop resisting myself from not ordering the Logma shake once again which comes blended with honey, dates and banana. The milkshake is so pure, thick and can fill you up easily. The passion fruit mocktail on the other hand came with a slab of ice which melted slowly and thus the mocktail lasted cold till the end of our breakfast. It was a very good mocktail but I would still prefer their colorful fruity sunset mocktail which I had last time for lunch.

The karak tea surely has a touch of rainbow milk in it(serving it the traditional way as it is found in Dubai). I wouldn’t call it the best tea for the price though.

Samboosa Beef – AED 34 – spiced beef topped with pomegranate molasses

The beef samboosa came with minced beef in it. A fried samboosa here with cheese or even vegetable is irresistible. It’s a well made samoosa which is crispy and light.

Traditional Breakfast – AED 64 – Baith tamat, balaleet, khameer, chebab, muhalla with a side of date syrup and cream cheese

If you fancy having an Emarati breakfast then the traditional breakfast platter at Logma is the best pick. It consists a little bit of all that you need to know about Emarati breakfast. The Khameer was warm and went well with eggs on the side. There was also a chapathi included in the platter. My favourite has been the chebabs which is the traditional Emarati yellow pancakes usually dipped in cream cheese and date syrup.

BEEF shakshoukha – AED 42 – minced beef with spicy tomato sauce, topped with fried eggs, crisp herbs and pine nuts

The beef shakshoukha can easily be shared by 2 people. The shakshoukha was a little different here. It felt like the eggs floating on a bed of oil. But as you mix it all together and start dipping on it, you get over it. It was mild in spice and went better with the khameer bread.

Egg Paratha – AED 34 – rolled paratha with egg, cheese, tomato and coriander
Chicken Tikka sandwich – AED 42 – spicy chicken with onions, tomatoes, coriander drizzed with mint and chili chutney

The heavily stuffed Egg paratha is pretty awesome here and you must try it. Although it would be one of the most expensive egg parathas I’ve had. But I can’t deny how delicious it was. The Chicken Tikka was a turn off to be honest. It just didn’t taste fresh enough. I think this would be the only wrong order for our breakfast at Logma.

Date Pudding – AED 41 – Date cake, caramel and vanilla ice cream

Oh yes and their Date Pudding can’t be forgotten. It’s was one of the best date cake you could find. It’s a top class date dessert delivered by Logma. At the end there is no surprise why Logma has earned a good reputation and raving reviews in a short time. The restaurant has a clear vision for delivering traditional Emarati cuisine without any compromise on quality or heritage. All that you find here are the real local dishes of Dubai. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

Logma Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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