Truckers DXB – Food Truck Jam

Entrance To Truckersdxb Food Truck Jam
Entrance to Truckers DXB

We are in the weekend and I thought it’s good to bring you this post closer to the date so you remember where to visit on a Saturday evening. The cold weather has been fantastic and here’s an atmosphere setup by Truckers DXB to take complete advantage. Local culinary talents come together in colorful trucks  serving delicious dishes, live entertainment, craft market, and fun-filled activities for the whole family. Truckers DXB happens every saturday from 05pm to 11pm until April 2017. The entry is free!

Entrance to Food Truck JAM
Truckersdxb Food Truck Jam
Laid-back diners at Food Truck event
Seatings at Truckers Event DXB
Seatings at Truckers Event DXB
Truckers Event Environment on the Golf green fields
Enjoy use of complimentary hammocks at the Food Truck Event DXB
Seatings at Truckers Event DXB

Food Truck JAM is a signature event of Truckers DXB, a food truck movement founded in 2016 by cultural entrepreneur Alexandre Teodoresco bringing together homegrown food concepts aiming to rise up amidst big franchises in the UAE. Now on its second season, Food Truck JAM explores different venues in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a bigger roster of around 40 food trucks serving gourmet street food. It offers an ultimate ‘backyard party’ experience featuring live performances, kids’ entertainment, and 25 local vendors selling quirky handmade crafts and jewellery at the Truckers Market.

Sirloin & Sons at Food Truck Jam
Long queues at some of the food trucks
Food Truck
Food Truck
Food Truck
Food Truck Ice cream Joy

Food doesn’t come cheap at the Food trucks. Usually for a main it’s not less than AED 35. Most of the Food trucks you probably hearing them for the first time as they are all part timers and not a full time business. Some of them have displayed their samples so you know what it’s like and what to expect.

Food Truck
The Shebi at Food Truck Jam
Food Truck – Calle Tacos(My favourite)

More often the Food Truck Jam venue is at the Golf Clubs. Some of the food trucks that are participating are: Toasted, Calle Tacos, Yumtingz, Hot Box, Sirloin, Moshi, Moti Roti, Nattas, Tuk Tuk, and WokiNaki among others. One of the first things we did was walk around the whole park looking at our options inside these different colored trucks. Some trucks have long queues and some have none! I noticed the queues really depends on the time of the day as well. Sirloin and Sons had the longest queue on the day I visited.

Churro Bites (6 peices – AED 20) and Chicken Burrito AED 40(left)
Meal from Calle Tacos Food Truck – Drinks(AED 20/each), Chicken Burrito(AED 40) and Churro Bites(AED 20)
Sandwiches(FROM LEFT: Pulled beef burger AED 40, paratha chicken AED 35, paratha filafel AED 30, Chicken Popcorn AED 30) available at Food Truck Shebi
Our order at Shebi food truck – Paratha sandwich AED 35, Skinny Fires AED 15, Softdrink AED 10
The Great Burger – AED 45 – SirLoin & Sons
Teriyaki Beef Noodles – AED 45 from Wokinaki Food Truck

We ordered our food from four different food trucks.

  1.  Wokinaki
  2. Shebi
  3. Calle Tacos
  4. Siloin & Sons

We were really happy trying Calle Tacos. The churros were unbelievably good and was in love their Mexican sodas. The chicken burrito sandwich was nice and big enough to satisfy one person. The teriyaki beef noodles from Wokinaki was freshly made and hot but it didn’t have the right taste to make an impression. Although it was the heaviest plate on our table which did suffice for everyone. The sandwich from shebi was too little for the price which is basically a stuffed paratha.

Centralized Payment Counter

All the payments happen at a central counter. So you pay at a centralized payment counter for whichever food truck you want to order and then you present this coupon at the Food truck counter. So there is no delay in transaction there. The only waiting at the Food Truck is usually for you food getting ready.

Childrens play area
Kids Play Area – AED 40 for bouncing castle access
KIDS store at Truckers Event Dubai

There are kids entertainment. It’s free to enter into the play area but you will have to pay around 40AED if they want to be playing inside the bouncing castles. Also note no pets or foods allowed. They also have complimentary hammocks where I saw more kids than adults on it.

Food Truck
Craft market
Craft market
Craft market

You also find interesting items at the Craft Market area. This is the place I found this interesting shop called BYE BYE RASCAL . They don’t have a shop as such in Dubai but you can purchase their goods online. This was the only time I got an opportunity to see it first hand before purchasing. So these are the kind of benefits visit the Food Truck Jam. Click here to visit the official website and to know which venue is it happening next. For this saturday i know for sure it’s happening at the Emirates Golf Club Dubai. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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