Habibi Burger – Dubai Marina

Entrance to Habibi Burger
Mezzeh at Habibi Burger

Here’s a restaurant that serves best of both worlds. Habibi Burger is a one stop shop where you enjoy Arabic Mezzeh(hot or cold) and at the same time be able to order mains such as Burgers and hot dogs found in the western world. Every saturdays kids eat for free. They have many other promotions currently such as unlimited Mezze on Mondays and free shakes/desserts/Mezzeh when you buy a burger at the restaurant. Read further to know more about Habibi Burger…

Habibi Burger Interiors
Habibi Burger Kitchen
Habibi burger interior
Habibi burger with views of the Marina

The location is very nice and a little tricky if you are using google maps to find this restaurant as it leads you to a wrong location in Dubai Marina itself, it is better off you search for the building than the restaurant. They have a very healthy interior with colored wall paper and comfortable chairs with wooden tables(circular, square, rectangular). You can have high seats if you choose. You can opt to sit out with nice views of Dubai Marina. I did have issues with mosquitoes around our dining area, the likely reason being the waters of Dubai Marina.

From left: Homemade passionfruit & chili soda(AED 18), Nutty Brown shake (AED 28), Carrot and Ginger smoothie (AED 25)
Nutty brown shake – AED 28 – vanilla ice cream, brownies, peanut butter

If you are at Habibi burger then definitely the shakes are the ones to try! The thick Nutty brown shake was thick and enticing. We just couldn’t stop fighting over it. Also I must say the brownie on top of this shake is what convinced us to order a brownie as a dessert at the end of our meal at Habibi Burger.  The ginger smoothie was an over dose of ginger which actually spoilt the drink. Homemode soda wasn’t up to the mark. Smoothies and milkshakes are the safest bet from their drinks menu and shakes a must try! They currently have a promo running, if you order any burger between 05:00pm to 07:00pm you get their signature shake/dessert/mezze for free!

Mezzeh and Salads at Habibi Burger
Fattoush – AED 20
Moutabal (AED 20) and Hummus (AED 18)
Grilled Halloumi – 25 AED

Then came the exciting part at Habibi Burger which was the  Mezzeh. I love arabic Mezzeh and usually end up filling myself with the Mezzeh more than the mains. The Moutabal and Hummus were perfectly made. You will like it and appreciate the quality. The grilled halloumi was a nice bite accompanied by Rocca leaves. Fattoush was refreshing but it’s not the best I’ve had.

Sambousek Cheese – AED 18
Manakish Zaater – AED 18

From the hot mezzeh selection we discovered some gems like their home made kibbehs. I thought the Sambousek cheese was not up to the mark. The Manakish Zaater was lovely with zaater heavily loaded on  top.

Kibbeh – AED 23
Inner beauty of the Kibbeh – AED 23

The man of the match from the mezzeh was definitely their home made kibbeh where were finely stuffed with pine nuts and other spices. They were king size and reminded me of homemade cutlets at first. This was definitely one of the best kibbeh we’ve had in some time. They get a 5/5 for this item.

The Works Beef Burger 4oz – 60 AED
All beef hotdog, red cabbage slaw – AED 43
Salmon burger – AED 45

Of course we had to try their burger and I highly recommend you go for their THE WORKS burger if you love beef burgers. A gourmet burger packed with fresh mushrooms, caramelized onions,  quality beef patties and a brilliant bun that makes it a satisfying treat. There was a special of the day which was a salmon burger. It felt a little empty when it came to stuffing if you’ve tried THE WORKS. But these burgers will surely fill you up. The hot dog was very pretty but not any extra ordinary sausage but we loved their natural fries with skin on it.

Chocolate Brownie – AED 25
Cheese cake with honeycomb and caramel sauce- AED 25

We couldn’t resist their brownie after we tried a piece of brownie that came with the  nutty brownie shake. The brownie came warm and is quite heavy, I noticed you get tired of the brownie after a few spoons. You surely need a company to finish it. The cheese cake is not a baked one. The honey comb and caramel sauce gives it a nice touch but if you had to pick one, then it’s got to be their brownie.

Cappuccino – AED 14

Click here to visit the official website of Habibi Burger. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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