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Azkadenya – Interiors
Typical plates at Azkadenya

Here’s an Arabic restaurant that serves a wide variety of Middle Eastern cuisine, specially from Syria and Jordan. A colorful restaurant that has stories to tell on the restaurant walls filled with paintings of their famous icons from the present and the past. Azakadenya entices you with a well thought menu that allows you to order a diverse set of Arabic dishes found in the Mddle East region.

Lunch at Azkadenya
Azkadenya – Interiors
Azkadenya – Interiors
Table setup at Azkadenya

Sitting at Azkadenya you feel transported to a different world. Their entire walls are covered with well known Arabic personalities and even their plates have something to say. The whole ambience setup by Azkadenya is one of a kind and you are going to love this surrounding.

Drinks – AED 32 – From left(Mixed fruit cocktail, Avocado shake, Guava&Pomogranate)

From the drinks menu I must highly recommend their Guava and pomegranate Juice. There was something different about the pink color which had unusual shade for a pomegranate. It tasted brilliant though. The mixed fruit was not worth it, I suggest go pick some other drink. The Avacodo shake was typical like everywhere else.

Freekeh Soup – AED 22 – Soup made with cracked green wheat and chicken slowly simmered in chicken broth topped with fresh parsley
Data Salad – AED 29 – A mix of dates, feta cheese, sliced red onions and walnuts on a bed of lettuce and rocca drizzled with special balsamic vinaigrette

The freekeh soup is something you should try. You could feel the cracked wheat, the chicken broth added a lovely flavour to the hot soup. They can also serve you one by 2. The date salad had an eye catching spread of feta cheese on top. Although dates found inside the salad were ordinary ones, the real taste was coming from from the dressing, leaves and cheese.

Cold Appetizer sampler – AED 79 – A Sampling Tray Of 8 Appetizers: Hummos, Pink Hummos Foul, Muttabal, Muhammara, Sweet & Sour Eggplant, Olives And Pickles

It’s not a bad idea to order a mixed bag of hot and cold appetizers. If you look carefully once again you’ll find the color of the pink hummus which is actually mixed with pomegranate very pinkish like they’ve added some color to it. Not still sure how they manage such a strong shade of pink but that was one of my favourite from the cold appetizers but first preference would be the Muhammara which had a perfect touch of spice and you would appreciate quality ingredients used in it. The sweet and sour egg plant was different and never found that one in a cold appetizer before.

Hot Appetizer sampler – AED 55 – A Sampling Tray Of 2 Sambousek Meat, 2 Sambousek Cheese, 2 Fatayer Spinach And 2 Kibbeh, Served With A Side Of Chili Paste And Yoghurt.

The hot appetizers were as good as the cold. The cheese sambousek was one of the best I’ve had, the cheese inside was just perfect. I wish their cold and hot appetizers platter were less priced which encourage us to visit here more often.

Fattet Hummos With Yoghurt – AED 35 – Chickpeas, Garlic, Yoghurt And Crsipy Fried Bread

Fattet hummus with Yoghurt is actually a little deceiving. The yoghurt is all that you see on the top, as you lift the first layer of Yoghurt, it’s actually flooded with loads of  Chickpeas underneath, so if you are not a big fan of chick peas you might want to think twice before ordering. otherwise is a nice dish which our children thoroughly enjoyed.

Chicken Shawarma – AED 95 – Chicken Shawarma Stick Served At Your Table Over Charcoal With Saj Bread, Garlic, Tomatoes And Pickles
Saj Bread, Garlic, Tomatoes And Pickles that comes as accompaniment for AED 95 Chicken Shawarma

The eye catching shawarmas are a signature here.  It comes to your table hot and smoke coming from below which is charcoal burning underneath the shawarma. The chicken Shawarma was just brilliant. It probably felt like eating a sheesh tawouk and was lovely piece of chicken.

Fakharet Lamb Shank – AED 70 – Slow Cooked 5 Hour Stewed Lamb Shank In A Balsamic Reduction, Served With Carrots, Leeks, Celery And Tomatoes.
Mansaf – AED 45 – Traditional Jordanian Dish Made Of Lamb And Pine Nuts, Cooked In A Sauce Of Fermented Dried Yoghurt And Served With Rice.

Mansaf dish(a Jordan special dish) was a delight. This is one of their specialties and I highly recommend you try it.   The rice was lovely along with dried yoghurt and nuts. They also give you the sauce in plenty, in a separate bowl. The meat in the lamb shank and in Mansaf tasted similar. Overall we enjoyed the authenticity of the dish and really sticks to the heritage and gives you a true experience.

Cheese Kunafeh – AED 35
Cheese Kunafeh – AED 35

For desserts they do have famous selection of Arabic desserts and we only tried their cheese Kunafa which came out very well. It took them some time to make it but at the end it was worth every minute of waiting. Logma at Boxpark serves their cheese Kunafa in a similar style but they didn’t get their formula right! You definitely can’t be happier with this crispy cheese kunafa. Click here to know more about Azkadenya. Click pictures to see them in full screen view:

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