3in1 – Vida Downtown – Breakfast

Croissants, cakes & Breads section(soft, white, brown and focaccia)
Breakfast at 3in1 – Vida Hotel

Good morning everybody. Today we had a wonderful morning at the boutique hotel Vida Downtown. Always look forward to breakfasts at a hotel and it’s even better when they make you feel at home.  Breakfasts at Vida happens at their 3 in 1 restaurant every morning from 06:30am to 10:30am. Breakfast is a blend of English and modern Middle Eastern. You get to pick one main and the rest is available in their buffet.

Vida Breakfast at 3 in 1
3 in 1 at Vida Hotel
Outside view at 3 in 1
3 in 1 at Vida Hotel – interiors

I just feel at home every time I spent time at their 3 in 1 restaurant. The breakfast hours were quite, peaceful with lesser crowd and a pleasant climate that we enjoyed sitting outside in the cold next to the pool with views of Downtown buildings. You also find birds flying down between tables which was an interesting connect with nature.

Iced Latte

They make good looking coffee. I think we can give half the credit to the double glass. Although their hot coffee were good, the Iced latte was my favourite here.

Fresh Juices and milk
Detox drinks & mix fruit juices

For drinks they had fresh juices. You can have as much as you want. They also had detox drinks which was really good and refreshing. I believe I had many of these during our breakfast. They also come in mini size so you are not stuck with one big juice selection but rather a try little bit of everything.

Cheese and compote
Selection of croissants – cheese, zaater, plain & chocolate
cakes & Breads section(soft, white, brown and focaccia)
Homemade doughnuts
My plate of cake, croissants, doughnut

Of course you can never ignore their center table filled with freshly baked variety croissants, cakes, tarts, muffins and different kinds of breads. The doughnuts were soft and puffy. Although they had different croissants such as chocolate, zaater but I couldn’t find my favourite which is the Almond croissant.

Gluten Free bakes
Carrot cake(Gluten Free)

They also had a gluten free corner. I loved their carrot cake very much from this section. Muffins were the least attractive to me.

Mini Manakish – Cheese & Zaater
Quiches – Tomato, Turkey Asparagus and Pumpkin.
Premium Toaster – KitchenAid

Manakish and quiches were nice and if you wanted to heat they would do that for your in wood fire oven. They also had the famous kitchen Aid toaster for self use to toast breads.

Cheese and cold cuts
salad & Coffee
Assorted yoghurt, chia pudding, muesli
Muesli, Granola, Cornflakes, Branflakes, All Branflakes, Weetabix
Dry fruits & nuts
Different types of Honey – organic, Eucalyptus, chesnut, squeezy, moutain, akacia, Linden
Jams – cherry, orange, strawberry, peach, eggplant
My plate of Jam

The variety of jams, compote, yoghurts, nuts,  dry fruits honey were just outstanding. It was a breakfast heaven with not just quantity but also quality.

Avocado Salmon – Avocado compote and slices, poached eggs, smoked salmon, flax seed powder, charred sourdough
French Toast – Thick cut brioche, caramelised bananas and figs, hazelnuts, salted caramel
Vida Shakshuka – crumbled egg with tomato, eggplant bell pepper and onions.

You would find a list of mains available for breakfast but unfortunately you can only select one as part of the AED 125 breakfast package. Each one of them was enticing and we just couldn’t be happier with our mains to be honest. The VIDA shakshukha was unique and a creative representation of  the traditional shakshuka. The french toast was scrumptious and the brioche bread was just fantastic. The caramelized bananas, figs and nuts along with that thick salted caramel on top of the thick brioche would just make you go crazy once you see it on the table.

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