Range Rover VELAR R-DYNAMIC HSE – AED 450,345

Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE
Range Rover Velar – side view

The Range Rover family continues to grow. The newly launched Range Rover Velar has been an eye candy on the roads and is a breed carefully placed between Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover sport. The Velar has more space than the Evoque and less expensive than the Range Rover Sport. The Range Rover Velar starts at a price of AED 248,400 and the Velar R-Dynamic HSE package will start at AED 364,500. The vehicle being tested is AED 450,345.

Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE
  • Engine: 3.0 Litre V6 supercharged
  • Power: 380 PS
  • 0-100 km/H: 5.7 seconds
  • Transmission: 8-speed Automatic Transmission with paddle shifts
Velar electronic door handles
Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE
Exterior DESIGN

The exterior design gives its a strong presence on the road, and makes a typical Range Rover statement by keeping the design clean and simple. A floating roof with a continuous waist line, tapered lines at the rear along with an integrated rear spoiler helps improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.  The sleek LED head highlights come as standard. The excitement begins from Velars electronic door handles that pops out when you want to use it and goes back into the door thereby removing any hindrance to the flat simple design. The grills in the front which is wider than the SPORT and EVOQUE models gave it a tougher look.

Interior Design
Drivers cockpit
Mid instrument Panel
split sliding armrests

The plush interiors of the Range Rover Velar is kept clean and avoids as many buttons as possible, and has introduced plenty of rotatory knobs and touch screens. The supple leathers, premium textile and suede cloth can be customized for seats, steering wheel and other areas of the cabin. Other premium finish options would be the durable wool blend fabric, suede cloth, burnished copper-colour detailing. For convenience you also have a twin sliding arm rest which can be operated independently between the driver and passenger.

Leather steering wheel with Chrome bezel
capacitive steering wheel controls
Steering Wheel controls

The Velar steering wheel had a fantastic finish and is very attractive. The steering wheel is smartly designed and it’s a little slimmer than the standard leather steering wheel which makes it easy to hold and manure the steering wheel with ease. The material on the steering vehicle can be customized. The leather steering wheel with a chrome bezel is a special. By the way, these are touch steering wheel controls and you could also customize of one of the buttons as your favourite.

20-way seats with driver/passenger memory massage and heated/cooled front
Supple leathers or premium textile and suede cloth can be specified for seats
20-way heated/cooled front seats with memory and massage settings

The seats have been very comfortable and it get’s even better with built-in massage and ventilated seats. The massage functionality can be set for certain areas of your back and with different intensity, but the highest massage intensity has not been intense enough for most. Also the seats were ventilated and it could give out cold or hot air.

10′ high-definition Touchscreens
10′ high-definition Touchscreens auto positioning when switch on.
two 10′ Touchscreens,
Duo infotainment system

The Duo infotainment system is a unique offering. Two black 10″inch touch screens found on top and bottom of the center console. The system seamlessly integrates the two 10″ high-definition Touchscreens which is linked to each other, for example can enable you to make a phone call on one screen while navigating on the other. You can even move content between the two screens.

Interactive Virtual Instrument Cluster
12,3″ high-definition Interactive Driver Display

A 12.3 inch virtual instrument cluster behind the Velar steering wheel is a pleasure for the Driver with sharp colorful information projected such as driving details, entertainment, safety, navigation, phone calls. The high resolution helps in utmost clarity and observed no issues, even when the display is exposed to bright light. The default view of the instrument panel can also be changed.

Full screen navigation on instrument panel
12.3 inch Interactive Driver display

One of the advantages of having the virtual instrument cluster was the ability to customize the view for the driver. The entire 12inch screen can be converted into a full screen navigation pane for the driver to easily navigate through his drive. Also using the navigation PRO you could save your favourite places, pinch, zoom during maps exploration in 2D or 3D view.

Head-up Display

Head up display will present key vehicle data such as your speed, gear position and navigation directions on the windscreen. Details on the windscreen are sharp enabling to see all driver inputs and information with ease. It can also display information from the Touch Pro Touchscreen including phone and media information such as the name of the track you are listening to. The feature can be turned on and off dependent on driver preference.

Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE

Land Rover‘s patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) is a standard feature. It assists the driver with controlled descents of difficult slopes. It does so by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking separately to each wheel. Hill Launch Assist, which also comes as standard, ensures the vehicle doesn‘t roll backwards as it pulls away on an incline. The vehicle also utilizes Gradient Release Control, which again comes as standard, and is designed to prevent the vehicle accelerating too quickly on a steep incline when the driver releases the brake.

Terrain Response system

The Terrain response system is one of the most important features of this vehicle. When you manually select Land Rover‘s unique standard Terrain Response system, it sets the vehicle up optimally to match the demands of the terrain, by adapting the responses of the vehicle‘s engine, gearbox, differentials and chassis systems. There are six Terrain Response settings: Comfort, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts, Sand, ECO and Dynamic Mode.

Terrain Response 2 is an option that features an automatic setting which monitors the current driving conditions and systematically selects the most suitable terrain setting. You can manually override the system should you wish.

Unique to Land Rover, this optional system uses ultrasonic sensors in the wing mirrors to visually and audibly alert the driver if the water approaches the vehicle‘s class-leading wading depth of up to 650mm. It does so by providing real-time pictorial information via the Touchscreen about its depth in relation to the vehicle and its maximum wading capability. Only available with Surround Camera System.

Direct access to cabin and seat temperature controls
Air condition for rear seats
Panoramic roof and lighting controls
Power Socket Pack 2 – 4 x USB, 3 x 12V
Driver lock controls
personal sound experience for every seat, even on top of your head

When it comes to music and entertainment the Meridian sounds system ensure you have a wonderful experience in the vehicle. Thanks to the 23 speakers which includes a dual channel subwoofer. They have positioned the speakers in such a way to ensure best sound experience for every seat. For instance you will even find speakers on top of your head(as you see above).

Illuminated treadplates
Stainless steel sports pedal
Velar interactive Instrument panel
R-dynamic packages

The R-dynamic comes with it’s own signature depending on the version of model you choose between S | SE | HSE. Below are some of the differences that you will find with each specification pack:

Wheels with different models

  • S – 5 spoke ‘Style 5046‘ with Satin Dark Grey finish
  • SE – 20″ 10 spoke ‘Style 1032‘ with Satin Dark Grey finish
  • HSE – 21″ 10 spoke ‘Style 1033‘ with Satin Dark Grey finish

Seating with different models

  • S – Perforated grained leather seats with suedecloth bolster
  • SE – Perforated grained leather seats with suedecloth bolsters
Surround Camera System – 360° overhead view

Surround Camera System uses four digital cameras discretely placed around the vehicle, providing a 360° overhead view on the Touchscreen. 360 over head view safety feature would be my pick anytime specially when I try to squeeze in a tight parking. The features gives a perfect view from the top which really does help, much better than the front and back view through the camera.

Remote for Rear Seat Entertainment 8 inch screens
Digital wireless headphones that comes with rear seat entertainment package
Digital wireless headphones


The optional Rear Seat Entertainment System provides two 8″ screens built in to the rear of the front headrests. The system comes with a pair of WhiteFire digital wireless headphones and HDMI, Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and USB connections. Passengers can also enjoy their favourite TV shows via the optional Digital TV feature. Digital TV channels can be watched on the 10″ Touchscreen in the front cabin and the Rear Seat Entertainment screens.

R-Dyanmic HSE interior in Vintage Tan/Ebony with Vintage Tan/Ebony perforated Windsor leather and Carbon Fibre with Copper Wire Weave finisher
Inside the rear arm rest – Power Socket Pack 2 – 4 x USB, 3 x 12V
Power Socket Pack 2 – 4 x USB, 3 x 12V
panoramic roof

The panoramic roof gives a wide view of the sky seated. Inside Velar you feel absolutely safe as you feel you are inside a strong sturdy metal box.  The road noise could still be heard inside which I thought still need an improvement.

Rear bumper design including integrated exhaust finisher

Click here to visit their official page. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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