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Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Kaftan – Interiors

I guess the last one turned out to be the best one! I am always fascinated with Turkish food and this one is no different. Iftar buffet at Kaftan is a dream for those who love Turkish cuisine. A spread of more than 60 varieties of hot and cold mezza, a stretch of mains consisting of Turkish speciality grills along with desserts that includes an entire collection of mouth watering Turkish baklavas. Iftar timing is up to 09:00pm.

Kaftan, La Mer – Interiors
Kaftan at La Mer Dubai with a view

We visited the latest branch of Kaftan which is at La Mer. The location is beautiful, I don’t have to describe much about it. The pictures should speak for itself. Ofcourse in the soaring heat we quickly picked up the seats inside their contemporary space.

Soups for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Soups for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Bread station for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Bread station for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai

So we find this long stretch of buffet counter. Along with a bread station and soup station. The hot Manakish such as stuffed with cheese and spinach was just yummy. The soups were really different and it does transport you to Turkey. We could really feel the Turkish cooking beginning from their soups and this is where the excitement begins.

Fruit salad
Drinks(lime and Ayran) for Iftar at Kaftan La Mer Dubai
All set to start our Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai

The lime and yoghurt were the drinks for the Iftar. You could have as much as you wanted. The lime drink was very refreshing and Ayran was one of the best yoghurt drink you can ask for. They were also distributing a special shot of sarvat which really wasn’t that great. The fruit salad was not just pretty but just addictive. I probably realized the beauty of fruit salad when I had this one. An addictive salad I must admit.

Kaftan cold salads
Kaftan cold appetizers
Kaftan Iftar hot starters
Kaftan fried vegetable starters

We then get completely lost in their spread of hot and cold mezzeh. The hot mezzeh to be honest wasn’t actually hot at all. It was served cold and they were mostly fried. For so called hot mezzeh, you can find vegetable fried items and some chicken and fish fried items as well but no meat item was found in the hot mezzeh section. I probably was enjoying the cold mezzeh like never before. It is impossible that you could have one of everything, and believe me these cold mezzeh taste so pure that you really appreciate Turkish cuisine, specially the quality of ingredients they use and the art of how they fuse their dishes with nuts is amazing.

Long mains buffet at Kaftan Iftar
Kaftan Iftar special, chicken blended with milk puree
Meats for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Meats for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Meats for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Meats for Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer Dubai
Turkish speciality beef slow cooked for 8 to 10 hours in claypot
Grills at Kaftan

We were then lost in the long stretch of their mains. 70% of the mains buffet was all about their speciality cooked meats. You will find different kinds of Turkish dishes with meats. It would be Chicken, Lamb, Beef or a mix of beef and lamb. The main difference being, how these meats are cooked. Some of the items are actually slow cooked for more than 8 to 10 hours and so you can imagine how tender those meats would be. The spices in some of them, like their koftas was unique and just woke up our taste buds.

veg mains at Kaftan Iftar

They did have a tiny corner as mains for vegetarians which I thought was least focused by anyone. I think this was more of a courtesy counter, the real action is all at the meats buffet. Ofcourse let’s not forget, fortunately the vegetarians have so much to find from the hot and cold mezzeh selection!

Enjoying our Iftar at Kaftan, La Mer
Kaftan Iftar desserts
Turkish Baklawas
Turkish Baklawas
Turkish Baklawas
Baklavas for Iftar at Kaftan La Mer Dubai

Turkish Baklavas are the best baklavas one can have and I was so thrilled to be able to eat all of them as much as I wanted at Kaftan. Besides the baklavas they were other traditional desserts. Most of them are quite heavy and you better choose them wisely because they can fill you up easily and you might just end up starring at some of them.

Turkish tea

Turkish tea was served standard after end of our Iftar and infact they kept a big jug of tea next to us so we could sip at our pace and have as much as we wanted. The Iftar experience is truly satisfying with a wonderful hospitality and an amazing spread of Turkish heritage. This restaurant is a must visit. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:
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