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The Noodle House Burjuman

One of my favourite restaurants when it comes to Noodles! The Noodle house has been famous for introducing  tantalizing Asian street food specialties coming mainly from corners of south Asia such as Shanghai, Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese. The Noodle House menu offers an interesting menu from hot bao buns, Pan-fried dishes, noodles, beef tenderloins to wok fried. The dishes you find here are typical Asian street food and you have variety of noodles to choose from. This month they have introduced a limited time South Korean Menu.

Dinner at Noodle House

The limited edition Korean street food menu will be available until 17th August. It mainly comprises of the famous Korean main Bibimbap slow-cooked BBQ beef back ribs with Kimchi rice, you can also get a veg version as well. The other specialty item as part of the limited Korean menu would be the malted rice drink, homemade Korean dumplings and for dessert it’s a Korean honey cake.

The Noodle House Burjuman
The Noodle House Burjuman
The Noodle House Burjuman

The interiors at The Noodle House Burjuman is new and pretty. It’s located at the food court but is a dine in restaurant which stands out from the crowd. It’s a grand setup and you are going to love eating in this space.

Mocktails at Noodle House
SIKHYE – AED 22 – Refreshing malted rice drink with jujube berry

For drinks, I loved their classic mocktails which is always available in their menu as opposed to the malted rice drink. This is a drink which is coming from the new korean menu, so now i know what it’s like but it’s not my kind of drink. I prefer more color and taste in my drink.

WASABI PRAWNS – AED 48 – Creamy wasabi mayonnaise and sweet mango relish
MANDU – AED 34 – Homemade Korean dumplings with vegetables, ginger oil and red cabbage kimchi
VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS – AED 38 – Filled with mixed vegetables and glass noodles

For starters, The mandu from the limited korean menu was the best one. The Mandu which was filled with vegetables had a nice flavour to it. It tasted so good that the veg spring rolls and their signature wasabi prawns felt ordinary.

BIBIMBAP WITH BBQ BEEF BACK RIBS – AED 64 – Kimchi fried rice with carrot, cucumber, tomato, tofu, spinach, mushroom, cabbage, fried egg and fire roasted chili sauce
BIBIMBAP WITH BBQ BEEF BACK RIBS – AED 64 – Kimchi fried rice with carrot, cucumber, tomato, tofu, spinach, mushroom, cabbage, fried egg and fire roasted chili sauce

The bibimap with BBQ beef ribs were amazing. The beef in it was so tender that it would just fall of from the fork, it’s was a lovely tasting beef and the best part for me in this dish. If you ordered a veg version, then you get the same rice and vegetables except there wouldn’t be beef in it, which I think was the real star.

LEMONGRASS SEA BASS – AED 95 -Green curry, fragrant galangal crust and jasmine rice
CURRY LAKSA – AED 60 – Laksa noodles, coconut curry, roasted chicken, prawns, tofu and fish balls

For those who love to eat fish, I highly recommend to try their lemongrass sea bass which was a delight. The fish, green curry and that touch of salt on it really will enchant your taste buds. The wet noodle curry laksa was also very nice. A nice warm thick curry which was tangy and delicious.

YAKGWA – AED 30 – Honey cake with caramelized ginger and ice cream
BAKED COTTON CHEESECAKE with raspberry compote- AED 35

The traditional Korean honey cake was very different, I’d rather have this dessert for tea than after meal. The dessert that really made an impression is the Japanese cheese cake which is one of the best we’ve had. The raspberry compote on the soft Japanese cheese cake elevates the delight to the next level. It’s a must try dessert at The Noodle House especially if you love cheese cakes.

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