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Eaters Abu Dhabi

Eaters is a young and dynamic restaurant that tends to offer exciting street food which emphasizes on unique presentation and taste. It’s a tiny restaurant in a big city, hidden in Al Mushrif city.

Counter – Eaters Abu Dhabi
Eaters – interior
Eaters Abu Dhabi interiors

The inside of the restaurant is designed to have a rustic effect. A building that feels worn off. The space is very limited and this could be a turn off to some of the diners who prefer space and privacy.

Mocktails – AED 21
Twisted Vimto – AED 21

Mocktails come here in different colors and they all have their unique flavors. The twisted Vimto was my pick and I loved every sip. It taste best in the beginning, as it gets diluted with water towards the end from the melting chilled ice.

Fruity quinoa salad – AED 26.25 – Peruvian quinoa with arugula, strawberry, pomegranate, cancha corn, cucumber and beetroot with pomegranate dressing
Asian chicken Salad – AED 26.25 – crispy fried chicken in lettuce, cabbage, green mango, crispy onion, leeks, carrots and served with peanut and tamarind dressing

They have a vey unique menu and their food comes in style. I think only the fruity quinoa salad looked simple from all that we tried which had a nice sweet and healthy flavor to it. The Asian chicken salad was much better I reckon. The crispy dressing on top of the chicken salad was good for presentation but might not be a liking to some.

Crispy breaded prawn – AED 44.25 – specially marinated breaded prawns, deep-fried, and served with habanero dip, hon n sour sauce and molo crisps
Messy and cheesy street fries – AED 31.50 – home made assorted cuts of potatoes seasoned with cheesy dust, crispy jalapeno, onion rings and different sauces
Crispy cheesy onion rings – AED 21 – breaded onion seasoned with Italian herbs and mozzarella cheese served with habanero cheese, arrabbiata sauce and ranch

The giant onion rings where absolutely delicious. They come hot and crispy. The potato fries were fun eating in the mix of cheese, jalapeño, onion rings along with sauces. More like a cheesy dish than just eating fries. The crispy breaded prawn was just irresistible, the dip that comes with breaded prawn plays an important role in elevating the experience of eating them.

Prawn Taco – AED 26.25 – Crispy coconut breaded prawns sautéed in sauce served with pico de Gallo and thousand island dressing
Black chicken sliders – AED 36.75 – a pair of blackens with crispy chicken fillet, coleslaw, crispy onion, cheddar sauce and buffalo mayo

We were quite surprised to see the presentation of the prawn tacos on top of cola cans, although they didn’t have any connection. The tortilla was too small to accommodate those coconut breaded prawns and would just fall off when you try to gobble them all. The black bun was more exciting than the chicken fillet actually and was quite difficult to fit it entirely in the mouth. But the black slider was cannot be ignored and should give it a try.

Sikka chicken sandwich – AED 36.75 – Emarati street food chicken sandwich breaded with Oman chips, served with sour cream ranch and catsup in a soft brioche
Asian Beef Steak – AED 73.50 – Angus rib eye marinated Asian way served in cubes with diced savory potato, balsamic reduction, Asian glaze and crispy molo

The Sikka chicken sandwich and the Asian beef steak were my favorites for the mains. The brioche was soft and warm, along with the sour cream and tender chicken just made it a bite to remember. I would definitely have this one again from Eaters. The elegantly presented steak was cooked to perfection and the rib eye would just melt in the mouth.

Coconut pistachio fondant – AED 31.50 – Nectarus coconut and pistachio lava fondant served with berry dew and vanilla ice cream
Fudgy brownie with cookie – AED 31.50

Unfortunately their desserts could not keep up to the rest of the items in the menu. This is one area they could improve. Both the desserts we tried were not really convincing. Otherwise the Eaters menu looked promising, provided they serve a bigger portion size of their mains. Everything which came today to our table was more of a miniature size from what we really expected.

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