Midnight Breakfast – Dar Wasl Mall

Entrance to Midnight Breakfast Cafe at Dar Wasl Mall
Interiors – Midnight Breakfast Cafe

Well we didn’t have breakfast at Midnight Breakfast but rather enjoyed a mouthful lunch at this cozy little restaurant located at the new Dar Wasl Mall in Jumeirah. They serve the best of international cuisine with a touch of fusion that makes it’s a unqiue offering by this restaurant. You already will be familiar with the names in the menu but they make it different here and tempting as ever.

Interiors – Midnight Breakfast Cafe
Open Kitchen – Midnight Breakfast Cafe
Midnight Breakfast Cafe at Dar Wasl Mall
Interiors – Midnight Breakfast Cafe
Interiors – Midnight Breakfast Cafe

The restaurant interiors was a little confusing to me in the beginning.  They seem to be sharing the space with another Arabic restaurant on the side. Initially I almost sat in a different restaurant until they came running telling me it’s a different restaurant. I think most diners will make this mistake at their first visit.

Zaater Croissant – AED 25

We started of with their sigature croissants. They make fresh croissants in house and you could tell when it comes to your table. The smell of butter and every bite was loud with a crisp of freshness. The croissants are handful as well. But there is no filling in the inside, it’s actually a plain croissant with a lavish topping of zaater on top.

Red blossom – AED 28 – Beetroot, orange, green apple and orange blossom
Chilli Mango – AED 28 – Mango, ginger, red chilli and mint
Raspberries Mojito – AED 30

The mocktails were simply majestic. They looked pretty and tasted wonderful. The chilli mango would definitely ignite your taste buds with a little bit of fire coming from the hot red chilli, but balanced just right enough to enjoy the sweetness and the fire from the red chilli. My recommendation would be the raspberries Mojito which was pleasant unlike the red blossom which would be more suitable for vegans or people who look forward to healthy ingredients. It was an over powering of beetroot though.

Fried Halloumi Salad – AED 37 – greens, fried hallumi cheese and mixed berries olive oil dressing

Inside of the Cheesy Calzone with Oman chips – AED 25

Although I would prefer to eat a baked halloumi, the fried halloumi was not bad at all. The calzone was like eating a hot arabic bread stuffed with melting cheese, the famous omani chips are sprinkled on top of the calzone which does add a glamour to the calzone.

Indian Potato PAV – AED 37 – with tumeric sauce and yoghurt
Falafel PAV – AED 37 – with tahini, pickles and chili paste
Falafel PAV – AED 37 – with tahini, pickles and chili paste

It’s the biggest PAV you can find. Most would call it a burger but the contents inside it similar to a pav. The bun used are potato buns that we use for a burger. The Indian potato pav was my favorite, the green yoghurt sauce does play a critical role in elevating the experience of eating these gigantic pavs.

Shakshuka – AED 45 – with bell peppers
Inside of puff pastry of Shakshuka – AED 45 – with bell peppers

The puff pastry and the eggs in the shakshuka are the best part in the shakshuka dish, otherwise the shakshuka is a little bland since I thought they could add a lot of more in it.

Waffle with beef shawarma and Tahini – AED 50
Waffle with beef shawarma and Tahini – AED 50

The waffle is the best main for me at the Midnight Breakfast restaurant. Both the Beef Shawarma and the Waffle came out very well and was irresistibly good. The accompaniments such as the spicy sauce and the tahini went as a wonderful pair for this main. A must try!

Sfinj – AED 25 – Moroccan donut, honey and cream cheese

They had plenty of desserts in their menu but the Moroccan donut was the only one available for the day which was surprising. However the Morrocon dessert was one of a kind. Loved the cream cheese as well the honey dip which made this fried sugared donut taste even better. A unique dessert which we don’t come across often.

Karak chai – AED 15

The karak chai is one of their signature. It’s surely a game of rainbow milk than pure milk along with a touch of saffron. It’s the typical Karak chai which you will usually find in any Emarati restaurant. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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