Aubaine – Le Petit Brunch – AED 120

Aubaine at City Walk Dubai
Aubaine CityWalk Dubai

Brunch is now available at Aubaine. I still remember our first breakfast at Aubaine. One of those best start to the mornings. If you still haven’t read that post, you can read it here. This time we visited Aubaine to try out their newly launched Le Petit brunch. It’s a combination of unlimited buffet along with a choice of a main and a hot drink. Pricing for the Le Petit Brunch would be AED 120 for adults and Just AED 40 for kids(excludes mains and hot drinks).

Brunch Buffet at Aubaine City Walk
Aubaine City Walk – Interiors
Aubaine City Walk – Interiors
Aubaine City Walk – Interiors

Aubaine has a Parisian looking interior. Elegant and grand as ever. High ceiling and the restaurant feels airy. Leather seats, marble top, giant glass and mirrors gives the ambience a lovely effect. The buffet is spread at the entrance and exit of the restaurant. The main course is brought to your table. Unlimited fresh juices are available at their Juice bar.

Cappuccino as part of the Brunch Menu at Aubaine

You pick one hot drink which can be a Coffee (Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte) or a Tea(English Breakfast, Green, Earl Grey). You can also have unlimited freshly squeezed juices which was Orange and Watermelon for the day.

Mini Croissants(Almond, chocolate, Plain, Zaater)
Granola & Yoghurt
Breads & Jam

Enjoy unlimited intake of their freshly baked mini croissants. Some of the other items available in their buffet would be:

  • Bread and Jams
  • Viennoiseries
  • Granola & Yoghurt
  • Selection of Cheese
  • Selection of cold cuts
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Cakes
  • Crepes & Waffles
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Fruit Salad
Cold Cuts (Beef & Turkey)
Mozarella & Tomato
Polenta(boiled cornmeal) & Tuna
chicken wrap
Croissant stuffed with camembert cheese, turkey, caramelized onions

You need to really plan your buffet hunt. Some of the items can easily fill you up, like the croissants and waffles. We were fortunate to find items such a whole oven baked Salmon at the buffet today. I remember not seeing it last week when we visited them. So you can expect minor changes in the buffet selection every week. Polenta(boiled cornmeal) & Tuna was really nice. It was a rare item, don’t see that often. There were plenty of greens and amazing cheese selection that you should try.

Oven Baked Salmon
Slow cooked beef and cream
Baked salmon with pistachio pesto
Smoked Salmon
Merguez spicy sausage with ratatouille
Avocado Toast with Poached egg
Mini Meat Burger

All the mains selected  were really good. Both the bun and the meat in the meat burger were fabulous and kids loved their crispy fries. The sausage was delicious and spicy well enough to enjoy. But kids would want to stay away from this spicy sausage. The avocado toast and egg was straight forward and as expected from Aubaine.

Balloons and Clowns for Brunch at Aubaine CityWalk Dubai
Balloons and Clowns for Brunch at Aubaine CityWalk Dubai

Kids entertainment with face painting
Face painting for Kids at Aubaine Brunch
Kids entertainment with face painting

For kids entertainment they had clowns, balloons and face paining. Kids could ask for any shape of balloon and the clown would be more than happy to create them. The kids were also being taught on how to the shape the balloons which was interesting. They also had an excellent face painter who drew fancy artwork on their face and hands.

LIVE Crepe in the making at the Dessert station
Freshly made Waffles with Nutella
Freshly made Crepes
Dessert Station for Brunch at Aubaine CityWalk Dubai
LIVE Making of Tiramisu
My plate of Desserts at Aubaine Brunch
Strawberry Tarts
Apple Pie

Let’s not forget the dessert station which also had LIVE station where they would make for you waffles or crepes. There was a LIVE Tiramisu station where they would make Tiramisu right in front of you when you place an order. It was mainly cake base, coffee and cream. The Tiramisu tasted luscious and was my favourite dessert for the day. You could always prick a fruit and fill it with chocolate under the chocolate fountain. There were other desserts such as cakes and tarts. Desserts were not plenty in collection, a few selection but that’s all you can eat after a heavy buffet.

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