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Aubaine – Dubai Mall – Breakfast

Thanks to Aubaine, we had a great start to our morning. We had to visit them sooner or later as we’ve heard and seen a lot of about them on social media. The breakfast pictures specially have been very enticing and we decided to visit Aubaine... Read More | Share it now!

Nathalie’s Cafe – Dubai Sports City

Ever heard of FitRepubliK? Never did I, until I visited Dubai sports City for a breakfast at Nathalie’s cafe which is a gem of a cafe that serves healthy, nutritious and energetic items. Nathalie’s coffee and Kitchen cafe found inside... Read More | Share it now!

Lotus Lounge Afternoon tea – Dhs 145 – Anantara, The Palm Dubai Resort

Wonder how many of you have actually had an afternoon tea like this one or even heard of it?. Of course we often have tea or coffee mid of the day but this one’s a little more than just coffee/tea. The afternoon tea concept is originally from... Read More | Share it now!