Filli Tea – Dhs 3, Dubai Academic City

Firstly Congratulations to the first 10 Subscribers to my blog. You should have all received an e-mail by now on how to claim your filli tea from filli cafe, Dubai.

The challenge for me studying an emba program in the evening is how to keep myself awake after a full days work specially when you report to office by 7:00am. When you have a class waiting for you at 7:00pm and no space for a nap then you really need that something special to keep you awake for the rest of the evening. In that sense i found filli tea to be very effective. Thick strong tea served in a sturdy cup. It’s the best tea you could find around the area and yes value for money.

The Boiling point
unleashing the filli tea

zafrani (saffron) tea – Dhs 4

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  1. Refer to my pic in boiling point. For filli to deliver your expectation they need to keep the tea boiling long enough which they dont' especially when all the student come out at the same time during their little break and they want it as soon as possible. If you want to get a nice tea either order during an off peak hour else be the first one to grab it on an off peak hour so you get the first batch of good tea.

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