Mousse Tarts – Dhs 24 – ICONS Cafe – Souk Al Bahar – Dubai Mall

Sticky chocolate cake – Dhs 26/piece

Icons: A cafe who proclaims to have guilt-free items on their table. They use only natural sweetener which adds no calories.

Of course when you look at the picture above it doesn’t look like it can maintain such low calories.
I tried a few of their cakes and coffee. Out of the cakes my favorite was Choco Mousse Tart – Dhs 24/piece and from the drinks I enjoyed the Hot chocoloco – Dhs 18(regular size). Sticky chocolate cake was the most attractive looking cake but unfortunately since it’s made from organic sweeteners it doesn’t reach the expectation of a chocoholic. There is a layer of chocolate lava hidden inside this sticky chocolate cake which gave me a surprise.

I’ve tried almost all their possible tarts starting from strawberry, choco and yoghurt. All their short biscuit tarts is good and you tend to eat more thinking the fact it’s less in calories. I’d say if i am visiting here again I will be ordering their tarts for sure. My 5 year old son enjoyed the snow white frappe – Dhs 21(regular size)

For Hot drinks there is an additional benefit having at Icons as you get to choose the kind of milk you need like skimmed, low fat, full fat, Soya or Organic which is an option you don’t find at other cafes. Besides coffee they also have protein drinks with fruits at price range of Dhs 19 – Dhs 25.
Chocolate Mousse Tart – Dhs 24
Strawberry Mousse Tart – Dhs 24/piece
Order what you like
My cappuccino and sticky chocolate cake
Pretty server with pretty cakes

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