77 Veggie Boutique – Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

77 Veggie Boutique interiors
77 Veggie Boutique interiors
Me with my vegetarian guest Mr. Tejas Shah at 77 Veggie Boutique
Me with my vegetarian guest Mr. Tejas Shah at 77 Veggie Boutique

Enough is Enough. I’ve been eating a lot of mutton, chicken, beef and all the other innocent animals :p . It’s high time I add some vegetables to my diet. Hence I visit this veggie only restaurant located next to my office in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Tiffany tower. It’s a little difficult to notice this restaurant if you’ve never been here before but the Tiffany tower is very much visible.

Drinks - Avocado Flair - Dhs 32, Alfresco - Dhs 34
Drinks – Avocado Flair – Dhs 32, Alfresco – Dhs 34
Roma Tonic - Dhs 27
Roma Tonic – Dhs 27

For the drinks we had:

Alfresco: Mixture of Parsley, green apple, celery, cucumber and ginger with a touch of pure honey. Calories:204

Avocado Flair: Avocado with use of low fat milk to balance your fatty acids. Calories:175

Roma’s Tonic: A refreshing blend of Aqua water, fresh orange juice and mint. Calories: 182

Through out their menu you would find the amount of calories you were about to consume. So if you were a health freak then you obviously count and eat. Since my mathematics is pretty bad I just didn’t bother to count calories and eat πŸ˜€ . After all more than wealth that’s one thing I collect more than most of you :p

My original drink was Alfresco. I thought I shouldn’t try their heavy smoothies cause it would get me too full and yes the Alfresco was just right drink for me. Light and refreshing. The Avocado wasn’t actually giving much flair until she added more honey to it and then it was all glowing to me πŸ˜€ We ordered the Roma’s Tonic just because we saw the owners name on it. But honestly when i read the ingredients it didn’t look very convincing but my guest thought we should give it a try and believe me Roma’s Tonic is the one drink to order. It was a pretty drink with a beautiful taste. I give 5 stars to Roma’s Tonic.

Molly made much bunch bakes - Dhs 35
Molly made much bunch bakes – Dhs 35
Molly made much bunch bakes - Dhs 35
Molly made much bunch bakes – Dhs 35
Lentil Soup - Dhs 22
Lentil Soup – Dhs 22
Light Tofu Salad with veggies - Dhs 32
Light Tofu Salad with veggies – Dhs 32

From their healthy appetizers section we had the

Molly Made much Bunch Bakes: Delicately sauteed cabbage, carrots balls designed in manchurian style in tangy sauce trickling your taste buds with the touch of spring onions. Calories:126

Lentil Soup: Boil and cooked red lentils and yellow peas combining in spices, tomatoes garnished with curry leaves and coriander. Calories:191

Light Tofu Salad with veggies: Roasted vegetables with baked tofu on green beans readily served with herb and mint. Calories:175

The lentil soup was standard as expected. The breads that come along with their soup is a little different and interesting. Molly made munch had that tangy sauce which gave me a problem to give it a high mark but otherwise you know your eating a nice ball of baked vegetables πŸ˜‰ This light Tofu salad was my favourite out of my whole dinner. Vegetables were juicy like never before.

Red Bistro Sizzler - Dhs 52
Red Bistro Sizzler – Dhs 52
Tejas Shah going for the Red Bistro Sizzler - Dhs 52
Tejas Shah going for the Red Bistro Sizzler – Dhs 52
Red Nice noodles - Dhs 34
Red Nice noodles – Dhs 34

Red Bistro Sizzler: Fresh veggies flaunted with mushrooms, broccoli, french beans, cabbage garnished with spring onions and cutlets. Calories:580

Healthy Red Nice noodles with veggie chilli sauce: Low fat rice noodles sauteed in veggie chili based sauce. Calories:425

Wow I was never expecting a sizzler in a vegetarian restaurant. It was sizzling but after eating tofu salad I felt it was a repeat show of more vegetables. The addition to the red bistro was the veggie cutlet sitting on top of the sizzling vegetables. The low fat rice noodles was well made and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Brownie - Dhs 20
Brownie – Dhs 20
Low fat cheese cake - Dhs 29
Low fat cheese cake – Dhs 29

Normally desserts that are made calorie conscious are less in taste than the originals. But believe me this Low fat chocolate cheese cake tasted better than the original chocolate cheese cake. They are also free from butter, eggs etc. It was really good and on my next visit I surely will have this piece of cheese cake once again. It did have a different texture but it was jolly good. I took one home too and everyone was of the same opinion. Brownie was impressive as well. Though it wouldn’t beat the taste of their chocolate cheese cake but I enjoyed the brownie too. It was not a boring brownie for sure.

Spiced Chai with Herbs - Dhs 18 along with wholewheat cookie
Spiced Chai with Herbs – Dhs 18 along with wholewheat cookie

You know after heavy days work. I am now here having this wonderful dinner and now I need to drive back home all the way to Deira from JLT. My eyes are closing and I thought it was not a bad idea to have a milk tea. By the way I am a die hard fan of strong milk tea if you haven’t realized as yet. Thankfully their masala chai was good enough to keep me awake for the drive back home. The cookie that came along with it was wholewheat but this one didn’t have the flare of the dessert. Not necessary everyone should enjoy it.

Me with 77 Veggie Boutique staff
Me with 77 Veggie Boutique staff

Overall our time at this veggie boutique was worth a visit. You can read more about them on their website: http://www.77veggie.com/

3 thoughts on “77 Veggie Boutique – Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai”

  1. Oops – Looks like you dnt have any Veg Follower. I enjoyed the Alfresco Juice & Roma Tonic. The Lentil Soup was perfect with some yummy Molly Made much Bunch Bakes – Chinese style
    Since I am not a desert fan – Special Chai was a perfect to end a wonderful dinner – Thnx Mr. blogger for this fantastic outing – Completely loved it – Cheers & all the Best !

    At this juncture I recall a nice saying from – Swami Vivekananda
    “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

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