The Man Behind the Blog – chewing and blogging

Me updating on my blog just before bed. 

Next subject for my EMBA program was Digital Marketing. One of the highlight of the program was the blog! and you couldn’t pass the course without having your own blog. After a good thought for a few days i realized that there wasn’t much topic for me that i could update on a regular basis besides eating hence I decided to write about what i find to eat in Dubai. Write about what i do the best… EAT! Always never wanted to share with the public but when your teacher points a gun onto your head with a 30 mark bullet you have no choice but agree 🙂 so good for you and bad for me. Happy to share and i hope you would care. Read through my journey. Feel free to subscribe and comment on my posts.

10 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Blog – chewing and blogging”

  1. Excellent man! Interesting blog, crisp photos… Detailed reviews and the added bonus of mentioning the pricing as well! Cheers and happy blogging! Can't wait to see what you eat next :)!

  2. Fantastic blog indeed Rubeen. I really felt hungry after browsing through the food pics. Must say beautifully taken photographs…for a moment I thought they out of a magazine only to later realise that you've taken them. Can't wait to see what's next on the menu. Best regards, Fayaz Cajee

  3. Must admit, your blogging style is pretty good.. Amazing pics and clear detailing.. Would love to see a blog post on tips for beginner bloggers,as I’m in awe and would love to be a successful blogger someday ☺️ thanks in advance ✨

    1. Thank you Aysha. Decide on a content and be consistent. Get started on on creating a new blog. All the best for now and let us know the link of your new blog and we shall follow!

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