Risotto frutti di mare – Dhs 68, Carluccio’s Dubai mall

Risotto Frutti di mare – Dhs 68

Risotto ai Frutti di Mare – Risotto served with an assortment of seafood (clams, mussels, prawn and squids)

It was my first time eating Risotto. The Risotto(Italian rice) to me was like eating our indian mota chawal and i hate eating mota chawal. What can I say I ordered so i will have to finish it now. The dish was too salty and almost loaded with shells. Every now and then I would bump into a shell. The sea food in this dish is generous though. It does fill your stomach. I doubt if i want to have it again. Maybe it’s because i don’t like fat rice and specially reminds me of the kerala rice made at home. But someone who likes eating seafood should enjoy it. 




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