Phad Thai Prawns – Dhs 42, Royal Orchid Festival City, Dubai

Phad Thai prawns – Dhs 42
I was at Festival city to see their lazer light and water show at the corniche. Behind me was a chain of restaurants and one of them happened to be Royal Orchid. Never been here before so i thought i’d try once for the blog 😉 Pad Thai prawns – can be shared by 2 people but the sad part it comes with no sauce on it. So you’ll have to order something as a side to have that flavour. We ordered Pad Prik Thai Dum Neua(Dhs 58) which in other words is Beef fry with oyester sauce. The food is nice but it’s a little  bit pricey. The seatings are comfortable, nice ambience and could do sheesha outside in their beautiful tent watching the creek.
On the house – chips and sauce
Beautiful lighting that sets the mood


Phad Thai Prawns


Pad Prik Thai Dum Neua – Dhs 58


Served on a plate



Fat juicy prawns


Comfortable Royal seats

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