Bagel B.E.L.T – Dhs 18, Tim Hortons – City Centre, Dubai

Bagel Belt – Dhs 18

Bagel Belt: turkey sausage, a seasoned egg patty, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato and processed cheese

You could opt for beef instead of turkey. My first breakfast at Tim Hortons. Bagel Belt is supposed to be a top order in their breakfast menu. It was good but not sure if it’s worth Dhs 18.  Grilled Panini was boring next to Bagel Belt. 

five layers of Bagel Belt

Grilled Turkey Pannini – Dhs 16

Grilled Panini – Smoked turkey, tomatoes, red onions and processed mozzarella cheese and chipotle sauce in whole wheat bread.

Strawberry Banana and Mixed Berry Fruit smoothies – Dhs 17 each

Made with a full serving of fruit and available in two flavors. Strawberry Banana and Mixed Berry real Fruit Smoothies. You can add yoghurt to your smoothie for Dhs 3.  

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