Calzone Pizza – Dhs 40, Carluccios Deira City Center

Calzone Pizza – Dhs 40 
Calzone Pizza – A folded pizza stuffed with tomato sauce, stuffed turkey ham, spinach, roasted peppers, ricotta and mozzarella. 
When I ordered the pizza, I had no clue the pizza was coming folded. Surprised to see the shape and the suspense hidden inside made my dinner interesting. It’s a good one but lot of cheese. So you need to love cheese to love it more. The locked side of the pizza is a bit thick and some might not eat it. 
Good to try, something different!

Kids don’t have to eat to enjoy! 
Hidden treasure

stuffed turkey ham, spinach, ricotto and mozarella

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  1. Yeah this time make sure you read my blog clearly before you leave for dinner. Else you'll come back eating an unfolded pizza :p… (relating to the Baskin Robins incident) 😀

  2. May be you should try the Brandi Pizzeria at Dubai Mall.. You get the pizzas unfolded, however you can eat them unless you fold them.. Cheese drips down your fingers and palms. Stone baked pizzas is their specialty with authentic italian cuisine..Bon appetit..

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