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E-mail I received after qualifying for the finals
E-mail I received after qualifying for the finals

Dear All,

While I was staying at Rotana there was this poster that said share your favorite moment on our facebook page and win. So I just uploaded one of our good moments to their page and here I am now fighting for that Grand Prize. Now here’s a chance for all of you to do me a favor. I need all of you to like, comment and if possible share my photo on your wall to help me win this ticket. Most importantly you too have a chance of winning gift vouchers from them for your likes, comments, shares (Read the last para in the e-mail above). A very simple process with no donations required 😀 and everyone’s happy

The link to the competition page:

Below is my photo that you need to like, comment once you visit the competition page.

Photo that you need to like, comment on the photo competition page
Photo that you need to like, comment on the photo competition page

And your competition begins from here:

There is a plane waiting to take me to Europe but my tickets are in your hand. Sarkozy and his wife is eager to receive me on the other end. Looks like he’s got a lot of time after his retirement from presidency. So here’s what I need to you to tell me. What should I get for Sarkozy and his pretty wife Carla Bruni from Dubai and why those items if I happen to win the tickets.

updated on 12jan2013:
TIP: I’ve been receiving some generic answers so I thought I should make this one clear. You need to be precise with your answer. It can be 2 different items for both or one item for both. Whatever it is you need to tell me what it is. You can’t give me the option pick or choose. You pick the item and tell me Why have you chosen this item for her or him. Hope it’s clear. Multiple entries are always welcome if you thought of a better answer later.

Write me your interesting answers and get a chance to win a free treat of afternoon tea break worth Dhs 49 from Bloomsbury’s at Dubai Mall. To see what an afternoon tea break is like refer to my Bloomsbury’s post here. You should get what you see there.

Fill in the form below to participate in the compeition. Winner get’s announced next week on top right of my page.

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