Kabab Sandwich – Dhs 12, Al Reef Lebanese Bakery Karama

Step 1: My ordered kabab getting ready

One of my all time favorites and I can eat it all the time. It’s only a Dhs 12 Kabab sandwich available at Al Reef Lebanese bakery. I had this one from karama located opposite to Mister Bakery. It’s affordable and most importantly it can fill your stomach happy. You have other options as well like sheesh tawook, lamb etc. I have tried all of it however i feel kabab sandwich is tastier.  

Step 2: Preparing a cold blanket for a hot kabab
Step 3: Kabab in and toasting the sandwich for that crisp in the mouth

step 4: Preparing for departure

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  1. My regular karama eat out. The cook must have thought he's gonna appear in the newspaper. Then again kudos man! I'm really impressed with your dedication to this blog!

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