Maward Patisserie – Uptown Mirdiff

Maward patisserie - Interiors
Maward patisserie – Interiors
Othmalyeh - dhs 60 per kg
Othmalyeh – dhs 60 per kg

Living in the middle east one thing I truly cherish eating is Arabic food and their desserts. Kunafa is one of my favourite arabic desserts and I am always in search for the best kunafa around. The first time I fell in love with a kunafa was when I ate it from Al Baba who were also featured on my blog. You can click here to read more about them. This post is about the amazing Lebanese sweet shop that I recently found out, thanks to instagram which showcased some of their jaw dropping desserts. This gem Maward Patisserie is located in uptown Mirdiff and I enjoyed every moment with their desserts.

Othmalyeh - dhs 60 per kg
Othmalyeh – dhs 60 per kg

Maward Patisserie has been specializing desserts from home for atleast 9 years until they came out with a shop for the public. Their freshly made cream, cheese, pistachio kunafas were all staring at me from the counter. The owner just started rolling out desserts one after the other, as if she sensed my greed. You can start with the pistachio kunafa which is not easily found everywhere else. It all started with their signature turkish coffee which was available as sweet or no sweet and a jaw dropping Othmalyeh which was a chunk of heavy cream with a crispy covering, pour some sugar syrup over it and lick your fork like never before.

Turkish coffee - dhs 14
Turkish coffee – dhs 14
Kounefeh with Nutella & Cheese - dhs 35
Kounefeh with Nutella & Cheese – dhs 35

When I was a child I loved nutella but as you get older and wiser you try to avoid them completely. After a long time, nutella has once again hit me at the weak spot. The kunafa with nutella and cheese was heavenly. It brought in a new perspective to kunafa altogether. I’ve never had this combination of nutella and kunafa before. I’d say Nutella tasted the best today. This kunafa is lip smacking good.

Halwat Al Jibn rolled - dhs 70 per kg
Halwat Al Jibn rolled – dhs 70 per kg
Mafroukeh - dhs 75 per kg
Mafroukeh – dhs 75 per kg

The Halwat Al Jibn was a pretty looking dessert. So innocent looking on that plate. It’s cheese dough stuffed with lots of cream. I loved the cream but the dough was quite thick and filling. The mafroukeh was another interesting lebanese dessert I am beginning to enjoy. They also had a pistachio version of it where the bottom brown(almonds) would be replaced with green(pistachio).

Maamoul dates - dhs 60 for a dozen
Maamoul dates – dhs 60 for a dozen

On our way out we got the Mammoul dates which is one of the stuffed version of Mammouls available here. You can also find Mammoul with pistachio or walnuts. It had a nice touch of taste of it, surely which was coming from their signature sugar syrup I guess. I am quite impressed with Maward Patisserie. They have different varieties of Kunafa and if you are a cream and cheese lover like me then this patisserie shop of Maward is a must visit. Click here to visit their facebook page. Click below to see pictures in full screen view.

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