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Entrance to P.F.Chang’s Mall of Emirates

Who hasn’t heard of P.F. Chang’s in Dubai. One of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Dubai. A brand which people like to boast about after their meal at the restaurant. P.F. Chang’s serve American Chinese cuisine that serves unique and signature dishes of their own by using modern fusion and constant introduction to new textures and flavours.

P.F.Chang’s interior
P.F.Chang’s interior
P.F.Chang’s interior

There is a giant horse statue in front of their restaurant which depicts the Emperor’s horse. The restaurant is usually packed with diners and busy. The waiting can be seen fast moving with their trays. The interiors are lit dim and just enough light for your table.

Drinks – AED 22 – Aunty chang’s frappe(left) and Shaghai Sunrise(right)
Sauces(chili, mustard, soy)
Chang’s Chicken noodle soup – AED 42 – good for four persons

From the drinks we enjoyed the shanghai surprise very much. Aunty chang’s frappe is thick but not a mesmerizer as their Shanghai surprise. It wasn’t sweet enough for me.

We were then given these sauces that had to be mixed together to get the spice and taste to our liking. And these sauces do add magic to their dishes. The giant chicken noodle soup was delicious and quite surprised to see the size of the soup. It can easily be served upto 5 people.

Dynamite shrimp – AED 52

Heard a lot about their dynamite shrimp. When you are in this restaurant, it is a usual sight to see their dynamite shrimp being passed around. It’s the most happening starter they have on their menu. Infact this is their no.1 seller. But I was surprised that it wasn’t as spicy as the name would say, Just decent enough that even my kid could easily eat them. The shrimps were juicy and well marinated and had a nice touch of flavour to it.

Spicy chicken wings – AED 47
Spicy chicken wings – AED 47
crunch hawaiian ebi roll – AED 30 for 4 pieces – sweet mix of crab and shrimp in a sushi roll topped with crispy sweet potato and pineapple on a bed of wasabi and plum sauce
Yunan chicken rice paper rolls – AED 39 – Fresh rolls with tender chicken, rice noodles, cabbage and lettuce drizzled with sweet chili sauce and wrapped in delicate rice apper

They had two different menus when we visited them. One is the chinese new year menu and the other was their original menu. Above starters are from their Chinese new year menu. All of them were very different and will surprise your senses with it’s unique flavours. The spicy chicken wings are not be missed and it had that dash of spice on it that was irresistible. They were simply finger licking good. The crunchy sushi roll was one of a kind. Love the crisp on it. Dip in their magical sauces and it was a wow. The cabbage rolls stuffed with chicken didn’t have much flavour to it by itself unless you use the sauces provided.

AHI crisp tuna tossed in a spicry sauce served with fresh avocado on a crisp wonton wafer – AED 45
Chicken Dumplings – AED 39

The Ahi tuna crisp was light and cripsy. After the spicy chicken wings, my next favourite is their chicken dumplings. Again it’s because of their unique touch of spice and flavour. Just love this one.

Pad Thai – AED 54 – flat rice noodles cooked with signature sauce, fried egg, carrots and bean sprouts with choice of chicken or shrimp. chilli flakes, crushed peanuts and cilantro.
Chang’s spicy chicken – AED 62 – sliced chicken cooked in a spicy sweet and tangy sauce
Mongolian Beef – AED 74

The Pad Thai was a wonderful blend of eggs, vegetables and non veg and you can a expect a top class dish here. The Mongolian beef was not really impressive.  The beef didn’t taste fresh enough and was less tender too. Chang’s spicy chicken didn’t reach my high expectation. I picked the Chang’s spicy chicken from the menu simply because it had Chang’s name on it but it was just another ordinary chicken dish. I suggest pick something else instead.

Banana Spring rolls – AED 45 – Six pieces of banan rolled in cinnamon and sugar wrapped in a wonton and fried along with a scoop of vanilla ice craem

The traditional dessert was not disappointing at all. Bananas never tasted so good. Rolled in cinnamon, sugar wrapped and deep fried. It was served crispy and hot along with a cold ice cream which was a nice contrast. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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