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Me with Sudheer Bahl, Owner of Khyber
Lunch at Khyber, Dukes Dubai

To those who want to treat your guests to a five star Indian restaurant then the newly launched Khyber restaurant is a good option to know. An Award wining restaurant in Mumbai, is a favourite to many of well known celebrities such as Amir Khan to English Celebrities Richard Gere, Demi Moore and is also a favourite to many Royal families. It is obvious the bill is not going to look light but with fascinating interiors and mesmerizing views of the the Palm Islands and the sea, this ethnic north Indian restaurant has a story to tell.

Khyber Interiors
Khyber Interiors
Khyber Interiors
Khyber Interiors
Khyber Interiors
Khyber Interiors

Finding the Dukes hotel in Palm Jumeirah could be a little tricky. There is a chance you go a few extra rounds in the Palm before you actually spot the Hotel.  Located on the 15th floor of Dukes Hotel, as soon as we entered Khyber restaurant we were impressed with Mughal themed Indian decor. The restaurant has stuck to it’s roots and you really feel transported from Dubai to India. The ethnically designed walls, pillars, windows feels real and natural. The architect has surely done a wonderful job. You shouldn’t miss visiting their balconies where you have the beautiful panoramic views of the Palm island. They have telescopes placed in their balconies as well. All this makes it a one of a kind experience at Khyber.

Mango Lassi – AED 40
Mocktails – AED 40

For drinks we tried their Mango Lassi which can’t obviously go wrong here. Also note the Mocktails were very good and it’s not a bad idea to try one of these.

Khyber Interiors
Makai ki Tikki – AED 40 – Corn patties, royal cumin seed, green chilli, coriander
Tandoor ka Phool – AED 40 – Mild spiced cauliflower & broccoli

From the vegetable starters I loved the Corn patties. It was that special Indian flavour, soft and would just melt in the mouth. The spiced cauliflower and broccoli might not be of everyone’s taste but it’s the indian tandoori spice you are going to enjoy on this.

Reshmi Prawns – AED 115 – Prawns marinated, fragrant spices, prawn chutney
Reshmi Kebab – AED 80 – Chicken, cream, yoghurt, fragrant spices

The juicy thick marinated prawns are the ones to try here. There were tasty and very inviting that you just want to eat more of them. The Reshmi chicken kebab was ok. I would say Gazebo makes better kebabs. This one felt a little dry.

Navratan Curry – AED 70 – Fresh vegetables, cashew cream, red masala
Chicken Tikka Masala – AED 100 – Khyber’s chicken tikka, red curry sauce

The cashew cream vegetable curry was amazing. Rich in taste and I highly recommend to try it. Vegetarians are going to love this one for sure. I enjoyed the tender chickens inside the chicken tikka masala which I felt was better than their chickens that we ate from the starters menu. The Chicken Tikka masala was also very authentic in taste.

Khyber Raan – AED 225 – Lamb leg, onions, ginger, garlic, garam masala
Nalli Nihari – AED 135 – Lamb shank, marrow, garam masala

There was a magic taste in their mutton. The Raan was just mouth watering. A lamb leg well marinated in a typical Indian masala that you’d expect. The lamb shank was the other way around, which came in a lighter curry but the meat on it was tender like never before. They really score well with their lamb mains and you are just going to forget everything once you start having them.

Khyber Interiors
Khyber Interiors

We ended our lunch with a wonderful Rasmalai. They do have other Indian desserts such as phirni(rice and milk pudding), Gajar ka halwa(gratted carrots, almonds, raisins slow cooked in sweet milk and flavoured with mawa). Eventually you leave the restaurant with a good feel, more than the food it’s the overall experience that makes a difference at Khyber. Click here know more about Khyber Dubai. Click pictures to see them in full screen view.

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