Polo Brunch – The St. Regis Dubai, Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club – AED 325

St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort
St. Regis Brunch ticket

A brunch at St. Regis is always Grand and this one has a ‘POLO’  attached to it which makes it even more exciting. A perfect family brunch that has everything for the kids to Adults to enjoy. Food is brilliant. You get the best piece of continents, I still can’t forget their magnificent beef and meat grills. Plenty of horses for you to see in action, thanks to the POLO matches conducted during the brunch hour.

A McLaren special Polo Brunch at The St. Regis Dubai, Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club
Polo brunch Seats with a view of the Polo match
Complimentary horse ride and photo shoots
Horses getting ready for the Polo Match
LIVE music

There is LIVE music for your brunch until the POLO matches begin. Once the POLO match starts then it’s LIVE commentary and horses galloping from one side to the other for the ball. They also have pretty horses for you to sit on and take a snap. At a corner you can always see horses getting ready with their owners for the next match.

Buffet at St. Regis Polo Brunch
All that Cheese available at St. Regis Polo Brunch
Arabic Mezzeh
Arabic Mezzeh
Salad counter

There’s plenty to eat and you might even not notice some of them. The last time I was here I completely forgot about the salads. This time I made sure to try some of their fancy ones. It’s actually a work of art when you see their Salad station. Lot of color, neatly cut and very different selections from the usual salad bar which makes it an interesting one. They also have a dedicated side to Arabic Mezzah.

Cold Seafood
Sushi Bar
My plate of Sushi

Sushis were really good. Dip those colorful sushis into their homemade sauces and nothing like it. There was a chicken soup that was just perfect for the cold weather and made well. There was also a specialized Ceviche counter where you can mix and match to your liking. Although I am not a big fan of raw fish, it’s the combination of spice and sauces that makes it a joy to try them

St. Regis Polo Brunch Buffet
Hot starters
Arabic Mezzeh

The hot starters were really good. This one spot was fast moving and at times some starters could run empty, you will just have to wait for them to refill as they were being freshly fried/baked.

St. Regis Polo Brunch
Guests enjoying their time in the grass during a Polo Match break
Polo Match at The St. Regis Dubai, Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club

They have the dining stage setup with a wide view of their green fields at St. Regis Al Habtoor Polo Resort. This is where we watched the Polo match while we ate our brunch. This is also where the grill station exist. The good part about this is that while you wait for your meat to be cooked you could be happily enjoying the Polo match from a distance.

Grill station
Beef cuts
Choose your meats to Grill
Meat Grill station
Grilled Meat

I must admit their Paella was very good this time. It shows they take our feedback seriously as they seem to have worked up improving the Paella from last year. The meats and beef were the juiciest kind and you guaranteed to be happy with quality of the meats.

Kids having fun inside the Bouncy Castle during St. Regis Polo brunch
Kids Bouncy Castle at St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort available during Polo match
Kids Bouncy Castle at St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort available during Polo match
Kids Entertainer – Clown with balloons
Kids Entertainment with balloons, movies, face painting and clown
Kids glued to the TV during the St. Regis Polo Brunch

The Polo brunch comes with activities for kids in mind. They have a theatre room where they can be watching cartoons, face painting, a funny clown to get them laughing and complimentary shaped balloons for all kids.

Kids enjoying their meal at St. Regis Polo Brunch
St. Regis Polo Brunch
Kids buffet at St. Regis Polo Brunch
Fresh juices at St. Regis Polo Brunch
Ice creams

Let’s not forget there is a kids corner for the Polo brunch which consists of a buffet, fresh juices and a premium ice cream parlor where they can place an order, have it in cup or cone and fill them with different toppings and sauces.


One area they need to improve would be their mocktails. For a five star brunch I was expecting some good looking and tasting cocktails but here they don’t seem to have anything impressive.

My plate of desserts
Celebrating Birthday during St. Regis Polo Brunch

Desserts are elegant and nicely displayed in a glass box and it felt like picking these pastries fresh from a pastry shop. My favourite would be their brownie chocolate cake where the dark chocolate on it just blew me away. There is so much more for your sweet tooth but to be honest by the time you reach the desserts you are actually too full to eat anything or let’s say not able to eat them as much as you want. so I highly suggest to walk down their entire collection of buffet items and then start planning your choice. They also celebrate birthday in style with a special cake and fireworks.

Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures to see them in full screen view:

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