The Coffee Club – Wasl Vita

Coffee Club, wasl vita – interiors
Brunch at Coffee Club

Coffee Shops have been booming in Dubai and sometimes what you get at a coffee shop is more exciting than in a restaurant. The Australian coffee shop has much more than coffee to offer you. They now have a full fledged menu including a Brunch menu along with their all day breakfast menu. We also tried few items from their special – Chef’s table menu. Scroll down to know about it all.

Coffee Club, wasl vita – interiors
Coffee Club, wasl vita – interiors
Coffee Club, wasl vita – interiors

Coffee Club is located at several places in Dubai. This cafe is located inside the building Wasl Vita(opposite to Box Park). Wooden flooring, spacious and comfortable seats for pairs and groups. I don’t remember seeing outside seating for this cafe.

Complimentary babyccino for kids at Coffee Club

As soon as we gave our order, in came a surprise for the little ones. Our kids were given complimentary babyccino which was a warm milk with chocolate powder and a piece of marshmallow in it. A nice way to welcome the little ones to the restaurant. They also provide them complimentary drawing materials to keep them busy.

Chooclate brownie Frappe – AED 34

Then came the exciting drinks such as their signature Brownie Frappe. Nothing can go wrong with their brownie frappe, a nice thick chocolate shake along with freshly baked coffee club brownies that you can munch on with the drink. You can also buy these little cubes of brownies at a nominal price if needed which is usually found at their counter.

Passionate Sparkling Frappe – AED 34
Passionate Sparkling Frappe – AED 34

The passionate sparking frappe looked as if it came out of a chemistry lab. One beaker is filled with sprite and the other one was a fruit juice blended with ice. Mixed together it becomes the sparkling frappe. It’s a pretty looking drink but I would pick the Classic Brownie frappe any day.

Chef’s Table Menu

Goats Cheese, Pumpkin & Quinoa Salad – AED 55
Baked Hot Pot – AED 47 – chorizo, mushroom, spiced baked eggs with feta cheese and rocket

So there was this one page special menu called the Chef’s table menu. The pictures on the menu just made it tempting for us to order them right away. The Goats Cheese, Pumpkin & Quinoa Salad was one of the prettiest salad. The salad was packed with healthy ingredients and felt like a luxury treat for salad lovers.

The baked hot pot is dominated by the taste of tomato so if tomato is something you generally don’t enjoy much that you might want to skip this dish. Otherwise it’s a lovely hot dish where the baked eggs, cheese and spices along with accompaniment  such as the light & crispy breads makes it a nice warm breakfast.

Beef Kofta with eggs, Spinach & Tahini – AED 55
Seabass and kale served on Arabic spiced pasatta – AED 75

The beef Kofta with eggs, spinach and Tahini was delicious. The credits go to the tasty koftas and those white eggs never looked so pretty next to the contrasted dark koftas. The bread is heavy and you will not need anything else after having this one.

The seasbass came into our table with a strong smell of fish. We didn’t have any complaints on the fish but the crispy kale really stood out in taste. The kale and the arabic spiced pasatta adds a nice flavour to the dish.

Coconut Pancakes – AED 39 – coconut infused pancakes served with caramelized banana and candied cashew nuts
From left: Cafe Latte(AED 18), Chai Latte(AED 17)

The pancakes at Coffee Club are quite a famous one. They are wonderfully fluffy, thick and super soft. Those caramelized bananas were mouth watering. I loved the chai latte here which comes topped with cinnamon. There’s lot more to try at Coffee Club. Click here to visit their official website.  Click here to visit their facebook page for UAE. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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