Tableya – Business Bay

Tableya – Interiors (with Chef Radi in the background)
Tableya – Interiors(non smoking area)

Here is a new restaurant in Business Bay where you want to take your guests to a fancy ride of gastronomic adventure like never before. Dishes are familiar yet with a twist, a blend of Arabic and Indian cuisine. Gastronomy art where two cultures blend together to awake your senses with a new array of taste and appearance. Food reaches your table like never before, in a cycle/in a car/in a truck/In an iron box or even hanging. Be amazed with how food can be presented.

Tableya – Interiors(smoking area)
Tableya – Interiors(smoking area)
Waste bin found on each table

Tableya restaurant interiors are rustic and old fashioned, looks like the restaurant always existed since the 80s. Very much like a street side restaurant but being located at Dubai’s modern business district diners might have a better expectation. To the food they serve I think they need to have a better decor.

Complimentary Starters – Bread sticks coated with zaater and dipper
Complimentary Chaat arrives in a cycle – a blend of arabic pastry and yoghurt

The excitement began from their complimentary starters. They serve you attractive starters. The taste is new and unusual. Chef Radi who runs the show at Tableya was needed at our table to give us an insight into their extraordinary creations. We noticed the ingredients were a blend of Arabic and Indian. The famous Indian street foods are being made in the Arabic version.

Mocktails – 24
Mix Fruit Juice – AED 24

They had a collection of mocktails and fresh juices. I loved their mixed fruit juice. The mocktails were typical and nothing really different in this section.

Hanging wada pops – trio chutney – AED 29
Pani Poori shots – 5 waters – AED 24
Butter Chicken Fatayer – AED 39 with trio chutney
Turkish lebanah kebob – AED 35 – gorkari chilli sauce
warm babha-ghanoush cornetto with tahini cream and churan foam – AED 29

These starters as you can see, each one of them were uniquely presented. Kids and adults were all amazed at the table. One of my favourite were the Turkish Lebnah kebab from the list. The butter chicken curry and the butter chicken stuffed in the fatayer are very different. I highly recommend to try their butter chicken instead. Most of these starters are to be eaten in one go. Pani Puri shots came in different colors which was either sweet, sour or tangy.

Tempura tabak maaz – goran josh glaze – AED 49 – mooli akhrot ki chutney
Tempura tabak maaz – goran josh glaze – AED 49 – mooli akhrot ki chutney

The lamp chops are worth mentioning. They were super tender and you just wouldn’t stop licking until you see the bones clear of this chop.  The right level of marinated spice but the chutney accompaniment was not to my liking. I am sure there can be made a better side for this one.

Dabbawala 2017 – AED 39 – butter squash bhaji, kafirlime pav, amul butter
Dabbawala 2017 – AED 39 – butter squash bhaji, kafirlime pav, amul butter

Dabbawala is not to be forgotten. The traditions of India cannot be forgotten by Chef Radi. Whats in the Dabba(tiffin) keeps changing every year, for 2017 it’s going to be Pav Bhaji, not the typical one but with a twist with different ingredients and flavours produced.

Lamb shank shuwa – AED 57 – mixed berries pilaf, smoked desi-ghee
Lamb shank shuwa – AED 57 – mixed berries pilaf, smoked desi-ghee

The lamb shank was the juiciest lamb I’ve had in some time. Unbelievably tender and just the kind of marination you want if you love that little bit of spice on the meat. The rice was unique had a taste of it’s own that can’t be ignored. Also note the lamb shank is actually slow cooked for more than 8 hours. Imagine the effort put out to deliver an outside meat.

Smoked butter Dal – AED 35
Butter chicken – AED 52

Likei I said earlier, the butter chicken was very good and so was their thick butter dal. It’s those kind of curry that you just can’t complaint. The naans were typical like any other Indian restaurant.

cheese kunafa – AED 33

The desserts started with cheese kunafa where Arabic pasty was used but the cheese was not made the traditional arabic way, the original Arabic cheese kunafa can’t be beaten. oh and the kunafa is actually floating in Rabri which actually was the best part for me in this dessert plate.

Citrus Garden – AED 39 – Mandrin gulab jamun, passrion fruit rasgulla, mango rasmalai, lemon curd, tangerine pistachio moss)

The colorful citrus garden is worth a try. All these desserts you see(Gulab Jamun, Rasagulla, rasmalia) on the plate might be familiar yet they are very different in taste, simply because they are mixed with special ingredients. The Citrus Garden is the better option when it comes to dessert at Tableya. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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