Babaji – Citywalk

Babaji at CityWalk Dubai
Bread Station at Babaji

Babaji is a casual Turkish restaurant situated at the heart of City Walk Dubai. They pride about their Pides but ideally from our experience they serve a fantastic brunch menu and mains that crossed well beyond our expectations. The oven is at the heart of their cooking, most famously their Pides. The restaurant is only open from 11:00am during the weekdays and from 10:00am during the weekend. Brunch menu is only served from 11:00am to 04:00pm.

Interiors – Babaji Citywalk Dubai
Interiors – Babaji Citywalk Dubai
Outside seating at Babaji Dubai
Outside seating at Babaji Dubai

The interiors at Babaji is spacious and airy. As expected there is a touch of Turkish design to reflect their heritage. Seatings outside would be a good option during a better weather and you will be well facing the fountain and other attractions at CityWalk.

Mocktails – AED 32

The Mocktails at Babaji has been a thriller. Each one of them had it’s unique taste and freshness which is combined with fresh fruits and puree. Colorful looking drinks and they are rejuvenating as ever. You can be assured to be satisfied with whichever you pick from their drinks menu.

Complimentary Bread
Hummus with beef sucuk – AED 32

Their complimentary breads are freshly made from their furnace found in the center of the restaurant. Their breads are fluffy, soft and hollow. I wish they also served stuffed breads such as the ones you get from Mado. The hummus with beef was a good combination for the hot breads served.

Honey and Kaymak – AED 36

The honey and kaymak is a must try at an authentic turkish restaurant. The honey comb received was of good quality and would not stick to your teeth. We were quite happy to have tried it from here.

Tomato & Walnut Salad – AED 32 – with pomegranate and molasses

The salad has been wonderful. The salad was filled with tomatoes, yet even those who normally don’t enjoy tomatoes  would eat it without complaining as they it was really pleasant and appetizing.

SU Boregi – AED 32 – cheese stuffed Turkish pastry
Temel Reis PIDE – AEd 58 – Spinach, kasar cheese, onion and red chilli

We’ve had su boregs from many Turkish restaurants but nothing like this one. It was one of the best we’ve had. The puff pastry was crisp and cheese inside it was simply delicious. This is a must try from Babaji. The spinach cheese stuffed pide was soft and irresistible as well.

AliNazik – AED 99 – Best end of lamb with eggplant puree & Yoghurt
Manti – AED 68 – Rib eye beef ravioli with yoghurt, Turksih chilli flake and butter
Topkapi chicken – AED 89 – Corn fed chicken stuffed with spiced currants and pilav rice
Topkapi chicken – AED 89 – Corn fed chicken stuffed with spiced currants and pilav rice

We had some interesting mains that you find only in a Turkish restaurant. The lamb pieces found on the Ali Nazik was simply juicy and delicious. There is a bed of egg plant covered under the yoghurt in Ali Nazik but the meat was the highlight in the dish. The meat stuffed ravoli was different but I would still prefer the classic Italian ravioli compared to this Turkish version. The Topkapi chicken was simply yum, especially the rice inside the chicken along with spices and nuts.

Carrot sliced Baklava with turkish ice cream – AED 53
Cheese Kunefe – AED 48
cheese Kunefe fan

The baklawa was a little disappointing here. It lacked freshness, although I loved the ice cream inside it. The crispy cheese kunafa kept us happy.

Iced Cinnamon coffee – AED 21 – espresso, ice cream, cinnamon, milk
Turkish Tea – AED 10

We had out lunch with the classic Turkish tea and cold coffee which over powered by ICE. Overall we were quite happy with our visit to Babaji as they deliver some of the best authentic Turkish dishes with no compromise on quality. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures to see them in full screen view:

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