Chicken Espetada – Dhs 56, Nandos rigga, Dubai

I never was really impressed with chickens at Nandos until i ate this one. Chicken Espetada: Tender Chunks of Marinated Chicken with Bell Peppers, Chargrilled on a Skewer and Served Over a Bed of Assorted Chips or Roasted Vegetables.The speciality of this order is it’s unique display, you don’t get such a setup in most restaurants. When that order comes to your table and you see that chargrilled chicken hanging with sauce dripping from the chicken to the plate underneath, you just don’t think further but search for your fork. The rice that comes along is not too spicy for an indian and has a nice flavor to it. If you don’t like to eat rice then you can buy a few pita bread or opt vegetables like how you can see in the picture above. I’d always rate this as their best and you’d always want to have it again.   

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