BIG CHA CHA – Dhs 65, Rain Forest Cafe – Dubai Mall

BIG CHA CHA – Dhs 65
BIG CHA CHA! – Large flour tortilla filled with seasoned chicken, onions, bell peppers black beans served with Mexican rice and sour cream.
It was a true experience eating in a forest. They have done a good job in converting the restaurant into a forest with live sounds, animals in motion, lighting and thunder. You definitely get a forest experience.
 Whatever we ordered came out good and it’s definitely worth an experience. Surely your food is priced with a premium for that forest experience. It’s even interesting if you take kids in there. It was the first time my son actually sat properly on his seat and ate very silently just watching around. No jumping, no noise except this time it was the restaurant doing it for a change. I’ve also posted a video for you to get a feel of this forest cafe.
One of our orders was BIG CHA CHA which came loaded with vegetables and chicken. The mexican rice was nice as well. The Rasta Pasta thought looked simple, tasted lovely.
RASTA PASTA – Grilled chicken, penne pasta, pesto, broccoli, red peppers and spinach tossed with garlic Alfredo sauce and topped with shaved parmesan cheese.
Rasta Pasta – Dhs 69

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  1. Wow, this is the place you were telling me about the other day, isn't it?Looks interesting. Your son looks scared, i should surely take my daughter there…for the experience!

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