Abdel Wahab – The Fisherman Restaurant – Dubai Marina – Pier 7 building

Restaurant Manager Elie Bassil
Abdel Wahab – The Fisherman restaurant located at Dubai Marina in a building which was once called Gourmet building but now known as Pier 7. This is the first invitation I had accepted so that means I didn’t pay for dinner tonight :p This restaurant has 2 main advantages. One was it’s large space. Perfect spot for fine dining. Table, Chair, lightnings all had their elegance. I like the interior design of this restaurant. Second advantage eating here was it’s marina view. You could sit out their balcony and enjoy eating watching this great view of Marina and the great buildings around it along with those fancy boats.  
Our Grand dinner at Abdel Wahab – The fisherman restaurant
The food is arabic(Lebanese) and wow did they treat me and my family well. We received great hospitality that night :). It’s started off with fresh juices(Mango, watermelon, Orange) and almonds brought on ice. Those almonds didn’t taste any different but cold. Then came the interesting part the Cold starters. The first item I tried was Fattouch salad and it was the best fattouch salad I’ve eaten, really good. Tabbouleh salad was nice too but the Fattouch salad already made a great impression that overwrote rest of the salads around it. I ate the stuffed vine leaves for the first time and I really liked it. It’s very different tasting but you enjoy that healthy bite ;). The breads were continuously served hot. My favourite hot starter plate was the one that comprised of kebbeh(Deep fried kebbeh paste ball filled with minced meat, pines leaves and onions), sambousik(Minced meat with pine nuts and onions wrapped in crusty), Rekkakat(Deep fried cheese rolls) and Fattayer(tasty spinach mix wrapped in rectangular dough). 
By the time main course came I was almost full but the temptations wouldn’t stop. I had decided to gain some extra weight that day. On table came Mixed Grilled Skewers which is a combination of meat, Sheesh taouk and kafta grilled on skewers. There were all cooked well, soft and easy to chew. 
Muhallabia dessert was top notch and my wife dreams about it everyday. 
By the way, they also cook fresh fish for you. You can go and choose the fish you like and depending on the weight and size you will be priced. A jumbo shrimp would cost you Dhs 220 per kilo.

Fresh juice and almonds

Almonds served on Ice

Hot bread

Stuffed Vine Leaves – Dhs 25 – Tangy rice mixture wrapped in fresh vine leaves.

Mutabal – Dhs 23 – Egg Plant and Tahini

Fattouch Salad – Dhs 25 – A refreshing mix of greens, tomato, cucumber, sumac and toasted bread

Hommos – Dhs 23 – Chick peas and tahini

Chicken Liver – Dhs 28 – Marinated chicken liver sauteed with pomegrenate, garlic and lemon juice

Kebbeh – Dhs 29, Fatayer Dhs 24, Sambousik – Dhs 24, Grilled halloum – Dhs 30

Tabouleh – Dhs 25 – Labenese traditional salad made of chopped parsley, tomato, onions, mint and berghai
Mixed Grill Skewers – Dhs 66

Mixed Grill Skewers – Dhs 66

Freshly cooked Hamour – price depending on weight

Mixed Grill Skewers – Dhs 66

Collection of fresh fish to choose from

Muhallabia dessert- Dhs 25

Mixed sweets – Dhs 25

The chef who would describe me the food

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