Half Chicken – Dhs 60, Ribs and Rumps – Dubai Mall

Half Chicken - Dhs 60
Half Chicken – Dhs 60

I know it’s strange to start with chicken at Ribs and Rumps. The chicken impressed me more than their steak burger hence the chicken won the poster highlight. Many restaurants sell these full size chicken now a days but these guys make it tasty here. A little bit about the items:

Half Chicken – Dhs 60 – Char grilled with Chef’s spices and basted in their secret house basting or plain grilled with chef’s special blend of herbs and spices.

Steak Burger – Dhs 66 – 150gm prime fillet steak grilled to perfection and served on a fresh burger bun with all the trimmings. Made from 100% pure beef and grilled to perfection with their special spice and sauces. All burgers come with a side which by default is original crispy fries but you can always swap it with other sides such as garlic rice, corn, steamed vegetables..etc

Steak Burger - Dhs 66
Steak Burger – Dhs 66

The steak burger was presented very special. With that king size knife on top of that burger. Probably the presentation of that burger went so high and my expectations went even higher. But the steak wasn’t as impressive as I thought. Maybe their expertise lay on ribs and rumps which I didn’t try 🙁

I must agree when it comes to birthday wishes they deliver with a punch effect! Its not the usual waiters coming around and singing happy birthday but instead they celebrate with their traditional African beats. It was interesting to see.

website: http://ribsandrumps.com/ 

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