Gunaydın – Souk Al Bahar – Breakfast – AED 98

Gunaydin Breakfast
Gunaydin Breakfast

Finally a breakfast with a difference. Gunaydin is now out with a scrumptious breakfast menu for AED 98 per person where you can enjoy an array of Turkish breakfast staples. Every Friday and saturday from 08:30am to 12:00 noon. The breakfast comprises of Turkish specialties such as Menemen, sucuk eggs, Oven baked pastirma, kaymak & honeycomb, Tahina Mollases etc along with unlimited Turkish tea.

Gunaydin Breakfast crowd
Gunaydin Interiors
Gunaydin Interiors
Gunaydin Interiors
Gunaydin Interiors

The morning has been vibrant at Gunaydin. Lots of guests and no better place to start your morning than in the middle of Dubai’s most prestigious square mile at Downtown. The only difference this time, the dancing fountain is quite in the mornings. Creative lighting and an open kitchen where you can see fresh breads getting baked.

Breakfast at Gunaydin
Cold starters at Gunaydin Breakfast
Cold starters for Breakfast at Gunaydin

It’s not a buffet. Everything is brought to your table. It all began with a wooden platter of cheese along with little plates of Olives. They had the perfect selection of cheese for you in the platter where each of them was very different from the other and at the same time you would appreciate the quality of the cheese. There was also a simple looking tomato & cucumber platter in which the tomato and cucumber never tasted so good.

Selection of Turkish Cheese
Oven Fresh breads
Homemade Jams
Tahini and date molasses

Freshly baked breads were impressive and was a company to their home made Jams and Tahina Mollases. The home made jams were different and really nice. My favourite was the unique Tahina Mollases which was a new taste to me and something that I guess you can only find it in Gunaydin. True to the origin. Surprisingly the American  Nutella was served in the Turkish breakfast menu.

Agean olives
Honey and kaymak

The real highlight for me was the Honey and kaymak. Honey comb served with fresh cream and they just were a dream combination for my sweet tooth. This probably would be my favourite pick from their breakfast menu and something that makes me want to visit them again.

Oven baked Pastirma(beef)
Menemen(scrambled eggs with tomato sauce)
Sucuk eggs(eggs with beef)

Then came the hot plates and mainly it was a game of egg and beef. You love beef then you are going to enjoy all that you see above. Menemen reminded me of shakshuka but mainly consisted of egg, tomato, green pepper and other Turkish spices.

cheese Borek(pastry)
Flat bread over baked – cheese and mint

Also you see the waiters continuously moving around with freshly made hot pita breads or cheese pastries as you see above. I loved their cheese borek. It was a typical Turkish pastry which was addictive.

Unlimited Turkish Tea for breakfast

Overall we were impressed with their breakfast offering.  Gunaydin already has a fantastic menu and this breakfast will be a great add on. Click here to visit Gunaydin’s official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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