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Thanani Ajman- the restaurant with a view
Breakfast at Thanani Ajman

There are some wonderful restaurant popping in other Emirates and here’s one that you need to visit if you like beautiful cuisine and nature. A European restaurant with an Arabic influence, food and drinks that is distinct and gold to the eyes. Eating in their terrace with panoramic views of lush green terrains complimented by a cool weather, our morning couldn’t be better.

Thanani Ajman – Interiors
Thanani Ajman – Interiors
Thanani Ajman Restaurant with a view from their balcony for diners
Thanani Ajman Restaurant with a view from their balcony for diners

When we reached the restaurant we were stunned by the design of this building. I mean this structure should be found in Dubai Design District. One of a kind and you cannot take your eyes of this sleak modern building. The restaurant is on the top floor and is a perfect climate to sit out and eat in their wide terrace with views of the Golf course.

Premium dining plates and cutlery set
Complimentary breads(Baugette, focaccia, multi-cereal & Sour dough) for breakfast with butter and fig jam

As soon as we placed our order, in came the complimentary breads. There were 4 different kinds of breads accompanied by fig jam and butter. The breads tasted fresh, each of them having their own flavour. It was a nice start to our breakfast. Let me also highlight that the homemade fig jam was really nice.

Iced cold brew latte – AED 23
Mango, strawberry, orange, pineapple and coconut smoothie – AED 27
Cappuccino – AED 18

The cappuccino was straight forward but the drink that stole the show was their iced cold latte. The coffee coming frozen in cubes along with cold milk and sugar syrup served separately. It was fun pouring all the mixes to bring iced cold latte together. But you might risk not enjoying the cold coffee if you didn’t get the mix in the right proportion. We ordered the mixed fruit smoothie that had many fruits together. The smoothie was quite filling and was beautifully presented as well.

Pancake with maple syrup, cream and berries – AED 28
French Toast – AED 28 – Fried brioche, lemon mascarpone, strawberry compote

I am so glad I ordered the pancakes. They were truly fantastic and one of my favourite kind. It reminded of the pancakes at Aubaine where it came in a similar texture. Interestingly the French Toast was not up to par with the pancakes. It surely was the most tempting breakfast on the table but I thought the brioche could have been better. Otherwise the mascarpone and compote was delightful.

Thanani full breakfast – AED 45 – fried egg, bacon, angus beef sausage, mushroom tomato and baked beans

Thanani full breakfast was a typical American breakfast that consist of eggs, sausages, beans and mushrooms but mushrooms and sausages in here were different and felt exquisite in taste and appearance.

Smoked lamb on toast – AED 36 – smoked lamb ragu with fried egg
Smoked lamb on toast – AED 36 – smoked lamb ragu with fried egg

Our final savory was the smoked lamb on toast. I’ve been really enjoying their breads from the beginning and now along with some hot lamb ragu on it, nothing like it! The pictures should speak for itself.

Chocolate cake – AED 28

Thanani also has a good line up of elegant desserts. Their rich chocolate cake is a famous one and is a must try. Usually if you are here for lunch you get it with a side of cinnamon ice cream that makes it even better. I can’t get enough of Thanani and surely will need to visit them at the earliest before the cool weathers go away. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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