Al Hadheerah – Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa – AED 450

Arabic Dance show at Al Hadheerah
Al Hadheerah at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

The dinner buffet at Al Hadheerah is one of a  kind. More than food it is the ultimate experience in the desert that you will remember. An extensive dinner buffet featuring Middle Eastern cuisines with plenty of LIVE cooking stations coupled with continuous entertainment which includes LIVE singing, dancing, Sufi dance performance as well as heritage shows with Camels, goats and Horses. They even have private Fireworks (only on Thursday and Friday). Half of the restaurant is also dedicated to show the heritage and culture of UAE. This is the night where you get to experience the real Arabian adventure.

  • AED 450 per person (Saturday to Wednesday)
  • AED 520 per person (Thursday and Friday)

Kids between 5 and 12 years receive 50% discount and below 4 years eat free.

NOTE: We were invited to review the restaurant. The opinion here is purely mine and not influenced by anyone.
Tanoura dancer moving between seats at Al Hadheerah
seating arrangement at Al Hadheerah, Bab Al Shams Dubai
Seating arrangement

You are in the desert but you will have no issues. Thick carpets spread across the sand at Al Hadheerah desert restaurant. Although we were sitting in the open, there is no evidence of dust or bugs floating around. Well maintained and neatly preserved. The waiters are quick and efficient.

Stage performance during dinner at Al Hadheerah
Belly dancing
Tanoura dancer
Dance show

Bab Al shams Desert Resort in itself is built on a large land and as we drive inside the resort towards the restaurant, we begin to hear the music louder and louder as we approach the restaurant.  There is non stop entertainment at Al Hadheerah for Dinner. The Center stage is where the main action happens and no matter where you sit you can be assured to have a descent view of the stage.

Hertiage Museum
Falcon in hand
Falcon display

Interestingly one side of the restaurant is dedicated to the hertiage of UAE where you get a glimpse of the past. This is also where you find complimentary henna activities, ride a camel / horse and even get to hold a Falcon.

Cold Arabic Mezzeh on every table
Hot bread in the making

On the table you will find covered cold Arabic Mezzeh waiting to be unpacked. It’s the usual suspects which is Muhammara, Muthabal, Hummus, Labneh. Muhammara was the highlight for me which had a natural touch of spice and nuts. You also have hot bread which is freshly made in their fire oven and served on your table to begin with. Besides bread, drinks are also brought to your table. Mix fruit juice was really good and felt better than the standalone fruit juices.

Fruit bar
Arabic Mezzeh freshly prepared
Hot Arabic Mezzeh
Hot appetizers – kibbeh, cheese and meat pastries

I love arabic hot Mezzah. Al Hadheerah has all that you want from the Middle Eastern menu. Freshly baked and fried arabic starters is right there for you. But you need to carefully plan as there is plenty to eat at this buffet and these mini hot appetizers are very filling.

Different kind of soups

I thought they had a limited collection of salads. Soups were just perfect and loved every sip of it.

Fresh Fish
Fresh Fish getting ready
Seafood Grills

Best part of Al Hadheera were the seafood. You could pick the fish you like and they freshly grill it for you with a standard marination that would suit the fish. Noticed their spices were less spicy and could have been better if the marination had a strong flavour to it But I guess they were just using the traditional recipe.

Full Chicken
Arabic Grill meats
Grilled meat

The Grilled meats were fantastic. They had typical Arabic meats with a mix of Lebanese and Iranian grills. You also can pick your own piece of lamb or beef and have it grilled your way. This I would say would be the best part of my dinner at Al Hadheerah.

Special of the day – Mongolian Dish 

There’s always a special of the day, this time it was a Mongolian dish. Shawarmas are not to be forgotten in the Middle East and they made sure to have two kinds of it(chicken and beef). Food was really overwhelming and unfortunately had to give up on some of them.

Emarati section of food

They had Iranian rice and a special corner dedicated to Emarati food.  Interestingly you could also find some of the famous Indian dishes in there like butter chicken and biryani. This spot can be missed, as it’s placed low in the dark.

Horse show
Camel show

There is a special stage show with LIVE animals which happens closer to the end of dinner. During the show all lights are switched off temporarily to highlight the show. This would be a 10 mins show. When you see the show you want to be on riding a camel or Horse and this opportunity is available complimentary as part of the dinner package.

Dessert Station at Al Hadheerah
Iranian Sweets
Arabic Baklawas
Turkish Ice cream
Different kinds of Dates

They have some glamorous Arabic desserts to keep you happy. The Turkish ice cream, the stacked up Persian halwa, Baklawas and cream kunafa were my picks for the day. Ofcourse you are not able to eat as much as you want as the main course and starters would have already filled you up. So plan well ahead of time!

One of the Live cooking stations
Emarati special – Lugaimat

Traditional dessert of the Emirate which is the lugaimat is a must try. These Lugaimats are deep fried, served hot and you enjoy it more in the cold weather.

Birthday cake
Birthday Celebrations
Birthday Celebrations

Every one hour or so you could hear birthday celebrations happening. You can order a custom cake starting from AED 70 and they announce the birthday on their grand stage and you find all the singers and waiters running and singing to him/her with a birthday cake at their respective table.

Private Fireworks for Al Hadheerah diners
Private Fireworks for Al Hadheerah diners

This was a joy to see. A private fireworks just for the diners of Al Hadheerah. How many restaurants actually have this one for you? This was a splendid treat by Al Hadheerah. Fireworks show is only available to see on a Thursday and Friday. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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