Iftar at Gunaydin – Souq al Bahar – AED 230

Iftar at Gunaydin
Iftar at Gunaydin

If you’ve been having the usual Arabic cuisine for Iftar, here’s one that can give your taste buds a rejuvenating experience. Gunaydin offers you a special iftar set menu from their Turkish heritage with distinctive taste and service. Actually some of their Iftar menu starters reminded me of their breakfast. Click here if you still haven’t read about their breakfast offering on Dubaicravings.com. Iftar menu priced at AED 230 per person inclusive of water, coffee and Turkish tea.

Gunaydin Interiors
Gunaydin open kitchen
Gunaydin balcony next to Dubai Mall dancing fountain
Gunaydin group table

Gunaydin has always been a busy restaurant, and usually the restaurant is full with families and their best seats are the ones that offer you a close up view of the spectacular Dubai fountain show and view of Burj Khalifa. Perfect spot to impress anyone!

Iftar at Gunaydin
Cheese platter – Braided cheese, Aged Kashkaval, Curd cheese with black sesame, Tulum cheese
Honey comb and Kaymak along with butter

The set menu comprises of a carefully selected variety of cheese, elaborate selection of homemade jams, olives, warm appetizers, dried fruits, and soup options to begin with. Honey comb and Kaymak is one of my favourite starters here. Some of the cheese in the platter are outstanding and you can appreciate the quality.

Gavurdagi salad
Cold cut smoked beef, pastrami
cig kofte

Gavurdagi salad was flooded with walnuts and as long as you have no issues with tomato you should be fine. Smoked beef was straight forward(nothing different), the cold cig kofte was a new taste and I actually liked it although some consider them as raw and don’t have them. I couldn’t really find any convincing dipper for the lovely bread they offered. Actually you could just eat the bread by itself.

Hot Bread
findik lahmacun
Steamed icli kofte

The highlights of the menu are the deliciously prepared and curated meats and grill specialties like döner, chicken sis, pistachio and begendi kebab (lamb cubes on a bed of aubergine purée). I just couldn’t have enough of their Doner. It’s one of the best doner’s you can have. It literally melts in your mouth. Icli Kofte was different and these fill you up easily. The findik lahmachoun was just ok to me, I rather enjoy more of other items in the menu.

chicken sis
Pistachio Kebab
Begendi kebab (lamb cubes on a bed of aubergine purée).

Bengendi Kebab was just awesome. Something you see and you never expect it to be so good. They just make it so well here. It’s a must try and very much a traditional food of Turkey Empire. Pistachio Kebab had plenty of  Pistachio in it and I just thought the nuts dominated the pure taste of the meat, I would have preferred it without the pistachios.

Gullac – Turkish Baked Rice Pudding
pistachio kadayaif
Katmer – Antep Crispy Backed Pastry Filled With Pistachio Served With Vanilla Ice Cream

There are some desserts that you must have at Gunaydin such as their Katmer, where their homemade baked pastry is stuffed with pistachio and fresh ice cream. You got to try to know it, it’s just amazing in the mouth.

Turkish Tea

Overall it’s been a very satisfying at Gunaydin, thanks to their fresh ingredients and traditional method of cooking. Its where you get to eat authentic Turkish food. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below see them in full screen view:
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