Fruit Falooda – Dhs 15, Haji Ali Juice Center Karama

After a nice dinner of mutton and chapathi we decided to have some sugar. We hit to Haji Ali Juice center in karama located opposite to Burjuman. I enjoy their Falooda and infact it’s on the of the best i’ve had in Dubai. If any of you know of a better Falooda, let me know. They use fresh milk and other genuine ingredients so you really can taste the difference when you compare with other Faloodas in the market. Most shops just load your Falooda with scoops of icecream but here it’s right the opposite. So for all Falooda lovers do visit Haji Ali if you want some quality Falooda. Ofcourse they make several varieties of it but i would recommend only their Fruit Falooda.

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  1. Dear Anonymous,Thank you for your comment. Actually If you wanted a fruit falooda then I think Haji Ali has a good rating for their taste and quality. Bikanerwala could be compared if they made a similar fruit falooda. That said i love Bikanerwalas kulfi Falooda, it is surely coming to my blog soon.

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