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My dinner at Yuan

Yuan is one of those Chinese restaurants that I visit with complete confidence. Chinese cuisine is usually not my favourite but Yuan always impresses me with quality and taste they deliver on the table. This month there is an exclusive Seabass Cantonese style menu inspired by Chinese flavours which comes with an exotic twist to tantalize our taste buds.

Yuan Ceiling Design
Yuan Interiors
Yuan Interiors
Cutlery set at Yuan

Interiors are as expected with a Chinese decor. Being located at Altantis the Palm you can expect the restaurants to look and feel grand. It’s the first restaurant you see when you enter Atlantis the Palm. Love the cutlery here and for everyone there is a masked Beverage coaster reminding us of their cultural celebrations.

Complimentary Prawn Crackers
Mocktails – From left : Fresh mango juice with Basil Leaf and passion Fruit(AED 35) and the Pure Phoneix – Fresh Pomegranate Juice ,watermelon and raspberries (AED 40)
Szechuan seafood Hot & Sour soup – AED 60

The complimentary Prawn crackers along with spicy, sweet and sour dippers can’t be missed, usually gives the best start to their cuisine. The Mocktails are very nice, My favourite was the mango and passion fruit juice which felt a little spicy and different, thanks to the basil leaf in it but surely the Pure Phoneix juice was much prettier and an eye candy. The sweet and sour soup was actually a disappointment as it felt like an overwhelm of sauces so had to give it up half way.

YUAN mini Dim Sum Platter – AED 70
Tiger Prawns with Wasabi Mayonnaise & Tobiko – AED 100

The Yuan mini Dim Sum Platter comes as 4 cute Dim Sums.  Each one of them was different and was a combination of chicken, sea bass and prawns. We surely enjoyed each one of them dipping in the light soya sauce that came along as accompaniment. The Tiger Prawns was irresistible, it was the Wasabi Mayonnaise on top of those prawns that made them even more scrumptious.

Vegetable and Mushroom Spring rolls – AED 50
Golden Fried Soft Shell Crab with Oatmeal – AED 85

I must admit they make one of the best springs rolls. This is the kind of spring roll I’ve been wanting to have everywhere. Light, crisp with a perfect filling of vegetables and mushrooms. I give it a 5 out of 5. we loved the presentation of the Golden fried soft shell. The oatmeal I could enjoy but then there are more crab legs than crab meat so unless you are die hard fan of crabs you might find it difficult to chew plenty of crab legs.

Hong Kong Style Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce – AED 155
Grilled Seabass with spicy yellow Bean sauce – AED 200

Our mains felt exotic. The Hongkong styled beef tenderloin was juicy and tender. The grilled seabass was picked up from their seasonal Seabass Cantonese style menu and just couldn’t be happier trying it. Besides the perfect grill, the sauces used on it makes it a better main to enjoy.

Stir-Fried Noodle with King Soy Sauce – AED 50
Spring Onion & Egg Fried Rice – AED 40

For the sides we picked the simple stir-Fried noodle with king soy sauce. It was ok, nothing mind blowing about it. The rice was simple and nice, I enjoyed it more than the noodles.

Yuan Cheesecake – AED 60 – Cheesecake foam, Chamomile Crisp, Passion Fruit , Berries
Chinese 5 spice Chocolate Fondant – AED 60 – Milk Ice Cream, Butternut Squash and Macadamia

The desserts were nice and different. The Yuan cheesecake is very different if you are expecting an American cheese cake. The cheesecake here felt more like eating vanilla sponge cake with cream cheese filling. The spicy chocolate fondant was divine and the milk ice cream goes very well with it. A must try!

Click here to visit their official page. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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