Iftar at Sikka Cafe Citywalk – AED 129

Sikka Cafe
Iftar buffet at Sikka Cafe

Iftar at Sikka Cafe is all about the local favorites. From the early ages  of Dubai,  it has has been mainly local(emarati), Indian and Persian cuisines that Dubai residents have been seeing and eating most often. The lavish iftar buffet features a wide variety of appetizing starters, cold and hot mezze, main courses which includes the restaurant’s signature lamb machboos and traditional dessert  lugaimat, followed by Ramadan drinks.

Sikka Cafe, citywalk – Interiors
Sikka Cafe, citywalk – Interiors
Sikka Cafe, citywalk – Interiors

Sikka cafe is a blend of the past and the present. Past is highlighted with pictures and souvenir found around the wall. They have a cozy interior and can be a nice meeting spot to catch up with your friends. The iftar buffet is a small setup here but covers all that you need for an exciting Iftar.

Ramadan drinks
Lentil Soup

Ramadan drinks have been very good.  You could find plenty of healthy starters. The lentil soup was well made. The plates here reminds me of seven sands(the other Emarati restaurant).

Cold Mezze – Hummus,Moutabel, Beetroot Salad, Tabbouleh
Iftar buffet at Sikka Cafe
Dates, Cucmber yoghurt, olives and pickles, Tahnia sauce, lemon wedges
cold mezze – Hummus, Moutabel, Beetroot salad, Tabouleh

What I really liked about Sikka Cafe offering is about their quality. They have limited items chosen for the Iftar menu but whatever we found was commendable. You can just look at any of the cold mezze and would be tempted to try them all.

From the kitchen
Onion Pakoda
Samaka Harra
Chicken Liver
Mixed Sambousek

The hot starters here is quite filling. My favourite pick would be the Mixed sambousek and chicken liver. What I enjoyed the least was the Samak harra(fish), I thought they should do a better marination for it as we’ve had better ones else where.

Iftar buffet counter at Sikka Cafe
Chicken & Lamb Kebab(left) and Butter Chicken(right)
Lamb Ouzi
Lamb Ouzi
Vegetable Biryani

Lamb ouzi was the highlight from their mains. I was enjoying their butter chicken, but unfortunately I didn’t find any Indian roti for their Indian curries. Biryani was lovely. Kebabs were just fine.

Desserts – Legaimat and Fresh fruits
Chebab katayef – Shredded mozzarella cheese with walnuts and date syrup

Love the way they cut fruits here and the selection of premium fruits. The chebab Katayef looked grand from a distance and I just couldn’t resist taking it early. One thing I noticed was that the Chebab Katayef was less sweet otherwise I would have loved it even more. The Lugaimat was presentable and couldn’t get better as expected from an Emarati Cafe.

Making of Karak Chai with cardamom
Karak Chai

We ended our Iftar with the famous Karak Chai of Dubai at Sikka Cafe. I can taste Rainbow milk in it but they make it the classic way and the tea is absolutely Karak! the way it’s supposed to be. Surely Sikka Cafe takes you through the roots of Dubai. Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view.

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