L’ETO – City Walk Dubai

L’ETO at CityWalk Dubai
L’ETO at Citywalk Dubai
L’ETO in the evening at CityWalk Dubai

L’ETO at citywalk has been the new buzz lately. After seeing several of those jaw dropping instagrammable pictures, we just couldn’t resist ourselves from visiting this beautiful restaurant located at Citywalk, Dubai. Food presented here has been truly vivid, striking and aesthetically pleasing. We tried a little bit of everything at L’ETO, scroll down to drool…

Entrance to L’ETO at CityWalk Dubai
L’ETO – CityWalk – Interiors
L’ETO – CityWalk – Interiors
L’ETO – CityWalk – Interiors
L’ETO – CityWalk – Interiors
L’ETO Cafe – CityWalk – Interiors

It’s a very English looking restaurant. Infact I thought I was at a home in England. We got a colorful space surrounded by flowers and bright day light falling in from their giant glass windows of the restaurant. The restaurant is spacious and elegant.

L’ETO Cafe – CityWalk – Dessert Counter
L’ETO – CityWalk – Interiors
1kWatt Bulb Juice – AED 45 – passion fruit, orange, apple
Acai Mojito – AED 45 – mint, fresh blueberries, lime, acai, sparkling water, agave syrup
Mango & Peach Smoothie – AED 45 – mango, peach, orange juice, coconut milk, almond flakes

They’ve got different types of drinks and we tried one from each section. It’s interesting how each of those drinks were presented. The Mango and Peach smoothie was presented in a coconut shell simply because it was mixed with coconut milk. Mojito was rich and had a strong taste. I think it would have been much better if they mixed it from their juice bar instead, cause we simply don’t pour and mix in the right proportion which eventually doesn’t give it a perfect balance. My favourite drink was the 1kWatt fresh juice which was perfect in taste and sweetness.

Display Counter Menu at L’ETO
Quinoa, asparagus & broccoli pie – AED 39
Zaatar black rice with roasted butternut squash – AED 22.90 – pistachios, cranberry, chickpeas & fresh herbs

They have 2 sections to their menu. One is the usual A la Carte menu and the other is ordering from their display counter. Food looks so good from their display counter that you might just order from there right away. We tried their Mediterranean influenced specialties from their display counter such as the Zaatar black rice with roasted butternut squash. It was different having a different flavour in your mouth but to be honest it wasn’t my kind of salad.

Black Caesar Salad – AED 95 -with juicy teriyaki glazed prawn kebabs

The Black Ceasar salad was really impressive. Loved every bit of it, especially the teriyaki glazed prawn kebabs. Everything in it tasted great, even the eggs complemented the salad very well. The credit goes to the salad dressing. The black squid ink would get your teeth and mouth black in color once you started having this salad. Better to have a napkin next to you when you start having the black ceasar salad.

French Toasts – AED 65 – labneh yoghurt foam, fresh caramelized plums
French Toasts – AED 65 – labneh yoghurt foam, fresh caramelized plums

We had to try their ever attractive French Toast. Although we could enjoy it, I wouldn’t call it a special one. The bread felt ordinary, I thought they should find a better brioche than this one. The caramelized plums and it’s sauce was lovely. The labneh yoghurt used here was a unique proposition, once again a Mediterranean influence. I felt the labneh yoghurt wasn’t really able to add the extra delight to the french toast.

Californian breakfast – AED 95 – corn tortillas, fried eggs, flat bread, chilli, pico de gallo, guacamole, queso fresco
Beef & ZAATAR Lasagna – AED 115
Beef & ZAATAR Lasagna – AED 115

The Californian breakfast came with a set of flavours on the plate. The gaucomole on it was a star! The eggs were nicely spiced up with chilli powder which added a nice dash to the experience. The beef Zaatar lasagna is a must try here. We were in complete awe of this dish, the beef in it was commendable. Also note the zaatar is hardly felt in this dish, it’s a very light touch to the lasagna.

Desserts, Hot chocolate & Coffee at L’ETO
Hot Chocolate with Dulcey, Rose & Pistachio – AED 45
Blueberry & Lime Cheesecake – AED 42
Pistachio Dulce De Leche – AED 52
Blueberry & Lime Cheesecake – AED 42
Millefeuille – AED 45

If you are at L’eto then there is no going back without a dessert. The dessert spread here is just eye popping. I’d say I had one of the best Millefeuille in Dubai. The Milk cakes  are quite famous here and the Pistachio Dulce de Leche Milk Cake we tried today was the best from the lot, as luscious as it could get. The blue berry and lime cream cheese cake was just ok, I think I didn’t enjoy it as much because I am not a big fan of cream cheese, although I enjoyed the  base of the cheesecake which was really fine and easy to cut with a dessert spoon.

Hot Chocolate with Dulcey, Rose & Pistachio – AED 45
COLD Spanish Latte – AED 40

Drinks come presented stylish at L’eto. For cold Spanish Latte we received cold coffee cubes along with condensed milk and fresh milk on the side. But overall the latte we had was good. For hot chocolate they bought hot milk and melted chocolate on the side. But the experience was more milk dominated than chocolate. I mean if you really was expecting  a hot thick chocolate experience then this wouldn’t the be one for you.

L'ETO Caffe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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