Cajun Chicken Sandwich – Dhs 36, chilis Dubai

Chillis at Rigga, Deira.
Definition of Cajun Chicken Sandwich as per Chilis menu: Spicy, Cajun-style grilled chicken breast with jalapeno jaccheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and chipotle-ranch dressing, topped with crispy onion strings.

Does this come under the category of junk food?, I wonder. I hate eating junk food but they are exciting and tasty enough that you tend to break your promise and unfortunately they never disappoint. If you don’t want fries as your side order you could opt for the corn but i doubt if that would be a better combination buy yes you can swap for a corn if you want to feel healthy. The french fries comes in a good size with skin on it. Like how an engine is important to a car the same is the case of the meat inside this bun and I’d say the grilled chicken which was well done has stood up to its expectation and plays a major role in getting this sandwich up the satisfaction level.

Cajun Chicken Sandwich – Dhs 36

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