Chicken Shawarma – Dhs 7, Al Safadi Deira Rigga

Dry Fruits table (complimentary on Iftar)

One of the true Iftar deals. You walk into Safadi during Iftar time and you get complimentary soup with hot bread along with different types of dates, figs and other dry fruits along with arabic tea. The  Iftar compliments would be worth around Dhs 15 while your order can be as little as a falafel sandwich costing only on Dhs 5. While you paid Dhs 5, you actually ate for Dhs 20. This restaurant is close to my house so now you know where to find during Iftar hours ;). They are known for making good chicken shawarma – Dhs 7. Many people come here just to eat their shawarma.

Every table kept ready for Iftar

Soups being distributed
My lentil soup
Hot bread
chicken shawarma – dhs 7
Chillis pickles – a must for my shawarmas
Falafel sandwich – dhs 5

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