Fish meal – Dhs 15, Calicut Paragon Karama Dubai

Fish meal – Dhs 15
So i went for lunch today at Paragon expecting to eat some onam special but it turned out that it’s happening tomorrow only. So i ended up eating their regular Dhs 15 Fish meal which comes with 8 items. You can either have rice or chapathi. Honestly their meal isn’t that great compared to other restaurants. It’s better to try their rotis(valappam, chapathis, wheat porota ..etc), individual curries(sea food curries), fries. In other words besides their meals anything else you try should taste better. Even their desserts are good but the taste is not always consistent. The first time i tried their falooda was mind blowing, the next time i didn’t get the same taste. Never the less I enjoy eating at paragon, the sound of plates, rush, noise of people all get’s your appetite going. I would recommend everyone to try their sweet n spicy raw Mango Carrot Salad – Dhs 10 only. Mutton varattiyath – Dhs 22 was a little spicy but people who enjoy such curries would like it. It comes with only 2 piece of mutton though. Wheat porota is exactly same as what we get in kerala today. 
 close up of the Fish meal curries.

Appam – Dhs 1.50

sweet n spicy raw Mango Carrot Salad – Dhs 10

Mutton varattiyath – Dhs 22

wheat porota – Dhs 2.50

Close up of Fish meal items – Dhs 15
Chapathi – Dhs 1.50
Hot water served at paragon

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